Nativity of the Mother of God Sept. 8

Your Nativity, O Mother of God, has made joy known to all the world, for from you rose the Sun of Righteousness, Christ our God. He abolished the curse and gave the blessing, and by making death of no effect He bestowed on us eternal life.

Troparion of the Nativity of the Mother of God, Tone 4



Yes it is her feast in the Latin Church as well, both old and new calendars. I will be posting on that:)

Holy Mary, pray for us on this day when you are most powerful!

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The Milan Duomo (Cathedral) is dedicated to Mariae Nascenti :slight_smile:


Do they still have the Ambrosian Rite in Milan? I’d love to see an Ambrosian Liturgy.


Yes, the Ambrosian rite is always in force here :slight_smile:

Is the Ambrosian Liturgy in Latin, Italian or English?

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There is the Ancient Ambrosian Rite, in Latin, it is not widely used, but it has been expressly confirmed by the last archbishops.

Normally the Holy Masses are in Italian.

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I’d love to see a Latin translation of the Ambrosian Liturgy & see how it compares with the TLM.

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