Nativity Scene Portraying Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as Caged goes viral

Before the “but Obama” reply:

Obama’s administration did not “cage” kids, they were forced to house unaccompanied minors in detention facilities while looking for a better home, because unusually large influx of unaccompanied minors overwhelmed existing facilities.

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I’m pretty sure Jesus would be fine with people using his image to advocate for humane treatment of children.


I’m pretty sure Jesus would be fine with people using firearms to defend children too, but I’d hesitate to portray him with an AR-15…


Jesus don’t like killin’ no matter what the reasons for.

What does a John Prine song have to do with this? I’m mean, I like John Prine, in moderation, but I don’t see the connection. If you’re going to link to a John Prine song, why not “Illegal Smile”?

Amazing how much “housing minors” looks like “ caging.


Yes, those cages were built during the Obama administration.

The church has a woman pastor.

The Cartels make an estimated $6 billion dollars in human smuggling a year. Do we really want to encourage that?

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California just wouldn’t be California without it’s protest and notable political speech.

I think that might cause some people to look at things from a different perspective; since now figures to which the may more have more empathy are being portrayed in an analogous situation.

Why not just finish the whole Nativity scene? Have the Shepherd take a knee. The first King can do a fist in the air, another King could be burning the American flag, and the third King hold a sign with a line across the name Border Patrol. The sheep could baa, baa, baa a song protesting eating meat, while the donkey has a sign against name calling from his being called a jackass.


Mary and Joseph were considered citizens of the roman empire, they had the right of legal passage.

But given other circumstances, they would clearly qualify as refugees in our modern world, fleeing persecution. If detained, they would have had a physician supporting the birth of Jesus.


Which one would protest climate change and the bad orange man.


Will they vote Democrat?


The Bible doesn’t say how many Kings there really were. So, to be totally fair, that church should have added Queens. The first Queen :princess: could hold the climate change protest sign, while the Transgendered Queen could hold the giant “Baby Trump” balloon… :baby:t4:. The hay in the manger should also be certified just to make sure it’s non-GMO.


No they weren’t. If they were, Jesus would have been a citizen and would not have been able to have been crucified (which was a punishment reserved for non-citizens). Most people living in the Roman Empire weren’t citizens of Rome.


They were legal residents of the empire, but not “Roman Citizens” which is a step above and for which there is no modern parallel. My poor word usage.

Being technical yes, but in the metaphorical/general sense of things, don’t they have a point, a lot of these folks could or very well are families fleeing from violence like the cartels not so different from the Holy Family who were refugees too, by fleeing the King Herod?

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Sorry but it is very different according to the international guidelines for refugees.

What about the spirit of the message?

I would have to agree that the purpose of the nativity scene was most likely to spark conversation about the treatment of refugees both here in the United States and abroad. Probably not meant to start a debate about whether the Holy Family count as refugees or not.

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