Nativity Scenes - Where are They?


Has anyone noticed outdoor decorations on lawns, etc.? This year, I’ve seen MAYBE three Nativity scenes - TOTAL outdoors. Everything is snowmen, trees, deer and Santas. And my count does not include only the immediate area - I’m talking any city / neighborhood I’ve passed. It’s amazing how they’re ready the weekend of Thanksgiving with enough lights to take a toll on their electric bills - but not a sign of the Reason for the Season.

It seems that scenes of the Nativity (lit or otherwise or outdoor display) - while I’m sure they are available in stores - are just not BEING displayed. It’s sad.

I have about four Nativity’s including window and indoors - some of which go up around December 8th. Wish I could put one outside. Have you noticed same?
Missing seeing the Reason for the Season…


The only Nativity Scenes which I have seen this year, so far… are in our house. We have a small one, under our Christmas tree and also… one on a window. And we have an empty manger… which will receive the Christ Child, this evening.

I haven’t noticed any… outside our home. :nope: We did give small, ceramic Nativity Scenes as gifts this year, though. Hoping, that we brought the “Reason for the Season” to a few folks.

I can’t wait to see our Church on Christmas Day, too. They always do a lovely Nativity Scene.

God bless you and a Merry Christmas.


I have seen three; one in our city centre (placed by our church); one in our church and our own in our sitting room.

It is sad.


I’ve seen only one this year, but admittedly haven’t been able to go many places due to these winter storms.


I have never seen a nativity scene outside of a house. The only places I have seen them are in pictures, or inside churches. Then again, I live in a place where Catholics are pretty much nonexistent, so who knows.


Protestants put out plenty of Nativity scenes, tho’.


I had read that Jesus was probably born in a small limestone cave. That the word for “manger” means cave, or something like that?


We’ve got our little one in the living room. Several of our neighbors have at least the Holy Family set up in their yards- some go all out with the three Kings, etc. My hometown (Dearborn, MI) has a full nativity set up in front of City Hall, and another nearby city has a nativity set up in the city center area. Our parish has a nativity outside and one in a side alcove inside the church. I didn’t look for my cousin’s nativity last night, but I know she sets one up (she’s a lay catechist). We attended a coworker’s party last weekend, and she had one set up in her living room.

To me, it would be strange NOT to see them.


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