I have a three year old daughter (and 2 curious kitties), and she loves to play with all of the statues and such that I have in the house (and the cats think they are kitty toys).

I have been looking for a nativity, but I want one that is nice, but that won’t get hurt if she, or the cats, plays with it.

Should I get her one that is just hers? Like this Little People Nativity?

I saw this one from Willow Tree that I like, but I don’t know if it is too modern. I have “played” with it in person, and there is no way either my daughter or my cats with break it.

Any other ideas? My parents have a Fontinni (sp?) Nativity, but I have never been too fond of it.


Our kids have the Little People one and they love to play with it. I put a vote in for that one! :thumbsup:


We have a felt one that we “inherited” from MIL (hubby and siblings used to play with it when they were kids). I think I have seen cloth Nativity sets out there, too.

or here’s a whole page of Children nativity sets. Go for it.


Playmobil’s nativity is a really great one and my son loves his. Plus their stuff has a lifetime warranty


If you like the Willow Tree one (I do too!), then go ahead and get that one. The great thing about the Nativity is that it is instantly recognizable whether it’s carved out of marble by a great master artist or made of giant molded and lit plastic figurines for the front lawn. I think as long as the figures are recognizable, it’s not too modern. (Too modern would maybe be something made entirely of stacks of glass cubes, or something.)


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