Nat'l Catholic Register or Nat'l Catholic Reporter

Nat’l Catholic Register or Nat’l Catholic Reporter Which of these would you recommend? Why? Which of these is more traditional and faithful to the Magisterium?

Is there a Catholic magazine that you would highly recommend as a good learning tool that isn’t too ‘over the top’ for a lowly commoner without a degree in theology? :slight_smile:

Of those two, DEFINITELY the Register. The Reporter is a dissident rag–Sr. Joan Chittister has a column in it, for example :eek: .


Orthodox and faithful to the Magisterium. (Steer clear of the Reporter!)


Register! Good stuff…

Register!!! Hands down - orthodox and faithful.

I thought so… I had read some of Sr. Chittester’s writing and they seemed questionable. The website says the paper "consistently wins national and international awards for “Best Investigative Reporting” and “General Excellence” from the Catholic Press Association. " Darn. It really makes it hard to make good judgements when you read things like that.

Thank God for Catholic Answers and all you faithful Catholics.

I say read’em both. That’s what I do.:smiley:

Omigosh! A subscription for the print edition of NCRegister comes with online access.

:eek: I’ll never get my housework done now! :smiley:

The NC Reporter does have the good sense to employ John Allen, who consistently does quality, even-handed, investigative reporting.

But yes, as a whole the NC Reporter is well left of center.

Oh Gosh, this is easy…

Register everyday of the week and twice on Sundays.

I don’t pay attention to advertisements, and look something up in consumer magazines instead to get the real story. This would include advertisements from publications. I have been reading the Register for 40 years and greatly admire it. The Reporter was a dissident paper from the beginning, when the bishop in St. Louis in the 1960s where it is published said that he thought that those on that paper were automatically excommunicated (though I grant that this was an opinion, not a definite statement, still the opinion of the local ordinary about it should have some importance). There have been several treads here on scandal, and I presume that the Reporter is guilty of this, as defined as leading others into sin by what your actions.) I would presume that the teaching of St. Paul to avoid evildoers in the Church is valid in the case of the Reporter too.

Here’s a handy way I was given to remember which one is the orthodox one:

*Reporter *rhymes with Distorter, ergo, National Catholic Distorter is the bad one.

Register is what you want.

Nat’l Catholic Register is excellent!

Nat’l Catholic Reporter is utter trash!

The National Catholic Reporter, as it is a good publication that keeps the debate in the church going and is not afraid to debate some tough topics from the common parishioner’s perspective. It also hits on many Social Justice themes in Catholic Theology that seem to be vastly undermentioned elsewhere.

You are the only one who advocated for the Reporter. I think I will pass on this one. I had done some research on my own before asking the question and I actually had come to the same conclusion as everyone else who responded. I think those ‘tough’ topics you spoke are not really so tough at all. I think in most cases they are situations of people feeling that certain rules, doctrines, etc are maybe tough to follow and they don’t want to for whatever reason. I am or at least I try to be a faithful member of the Church and that includes not arguing with the Magesterium over truths that can’t be changed. The Reporter is all about that.
Thanks for your reply though.

I am one of those “common parishioners,” and the NC Distorter does NOT represent my perspective. It represents Call to Action’s perspective.

Plenty of orthodox Catholic publications do too. “This Rock” had a big article on social justice a few months ago. Social justice is not the monopoly of dissident rags.

Au contraire. I advocated for Reporter as well.:cool:

Problem is, it always seems to want to debate the undebatable. Some things have already been argued to death and the logical conclusion to the debate is not what the NC Reporter wishes it to be. I don’t think you would ever seem them agree to that possibility.

I forget, it used to be called something else, no? Twin whatever? I seem to remember it from that time.

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