NATO intercepts Russian jets over Baltic Sea;_ylt=A0LEVyLE1kZU1HQAF6NXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzcmdwdWJvBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDUyMl8x

NATO scrambled fighter jets twice in two days to intercept Russian military aircraft over the Baltic Sea, it said Tuesday amid reports that Russian military activity in the region is increasing.

What do you think is going on?

Russian Jets Buzz Sweden’s ‘Russian Submarine’ Hunt, Swedish Military Will Force Sub To The Surface

So far I haven’t found confirmation of this story by the Inquisitor.

Russia is reacting to US armed presence near the borders of Russia. The cold war is getting colder.

Reminds one of Hitler claiming Poland invaded Germany and shot some Germans in a radio station.

Can Romania really be blamed for wanting to perform naval exercises with the U.S., given that Russia has conquered and annexed Crimea and is in the process of grabbing eastern Ukraine, having previously taken parts of Moldova and Georgia? Undoubtedly Romania remembers what it was like to live under the Russian jackboot.

And there has been a U.S. presence in Turkey since Stalin seized the whole of Eastern Europe. Nothing new in that.

The cold war is totally due to Russian aggression just as the previous one was.

Russia is flexing its military might at NATO members, without having any good reason at all to do it other than to intimidate them into abandoning Ukraine to Russian conquest altogether.

Probably Russia will annex eastern Ukraine just as it did Crimea, but it will get harder as Russia progresses west, and the Russian populace might not put up with a lot of Russian casualties incurred in a conquest.

There were no Russian troops in Romania after 1958. However, I think that there are hundreds of American soldiers in Romania today.

The KGB controlled Romania through the Securitate, whose high members even had parallel rank in the KGB. Have you read Pacepa’s “Disinformation” yet? An interesting read.

And if i were a Romanian, I would certainly want American troops in my country, and as much protection from Russian aggression as I could possibly get.

It is difficult to believe a lot of what Pacepa has written. Probably what he has written about Ceaucescu is true, but other things not so much. I think that after 1960 or so, the Romanian Securitate was an internal security service controlled by Ceauscescu and his supporters, and not by the KGB. I find it highly improbable that the KGB was responsible for the assassination of JFK as Pacepa alleges, and more likely that the assassination of JFK was engineered at least in part by some people in the Mafia. Pacepa claimed that Saddam Hussein with the aid of the KGB had stored WMD and this has been shown to be untrue.

I personally believe Kruschev had a hand in engineering Kennedy’s assassination, with or without the KGB, as revenge for his humiliation over the Cuba crisis. He wasn’t the sort of man to take that lying down. He had a bloody, brutal reputation during the Stalin years.


First, Mr. Khrushchev played a very significant role in the man-maid famine in Ukraine in the period of 1930-33. On the basis of performances in that famine he was promoted in 1934 to a full-fledged member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Second, he was engaged in extensive purges in Ukraine actually to make way for himself to become eventually the first secretary of the Communist Party in Ukraine.

In these purges he directly engaged in the murder of people like Kossior and others. Countless others met death as a result of Khrushchev’s perpetration of these extensive purges. Yet, quite cynically, in 1956 at the 20th party congress he posthumously rehabilitated the very people whom he had directly murdered. The purges continued during the period of the thirties to wipe out well over 400,000 Ukrainians.

Third, as the first secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine, he was involved in the heinous massacre of about 9,500 Ukrainians in Vynnytsia.

Fourth, during the war, as a security general in the NKVD, he exploited the Communist partisans primarily to provoke German occupying forces into augmenting their repressions and persecutions of the Ukrainian populace. Much of the populace was in favor, for a time, of German liberation. Seeing one alien totalitarianism supplanted by another, they soon fought against both Berlin and Moscow. Fifth, in 1944-46, Khrushchev was responsible for the liquidation of the Ukrainian Catholic Church and continued the suppression of the Ukrainian Orthodox Autocephalic Church. He has continued to keep both institutions in extinction - no posthumous rehabilitation on this score.

Sixth, during the war and after, when he was dispatched again by Stalin to take control and wipe out the “bourgeois” nationalist forces in Ukraine, Khrushchev was heavily engaged in the liquidation of many individuals and groups connected with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). He also inflicted damages, physical and personal, upon the populace which supported contingents of this army.

Seventh, in 1954-55, with his so-called virgin land policy, he precipitated a forcible resettlement of countless Ukrainian youth, male and female, to Kazakhstan. This, too, was really an act of genocide, a nation-destroying type of deportation under cover of economic resettlement.

Eighth, he was also, in 1954-55 responsible for the barbarous suppression of strikes by Ukrainian political prisoners at Vorkuta, Mordovia and KaragandaIn Kingir.

In 1954, he was responsible, by way of command, for the decimation of 500 Ukrainian women who protested conditions in that camp.

Kruschev made a public declaration stating the Soviet Union would remove their weapons from Cuba on October 28 1962. The Soviets did so over November 5-9.

Oswald assassinated Kennedy on 22 November 1963.

Lee Harvey Oswald left the Soviet Union around June 1962. He had been an accredited marksman with the US Marine Corp where he served prior to his defection to the Soviet Union.

Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby.

From Wikipedia -

In 1959, (Jack) Ruby went to Cuba ostensibly to visit a friend, influential Dallas gambler Lewis McWillie, an associate of Mafia boss Santo Trafficante. Ruby may have met directly with Trafficante on those visits, according to the testimony of British journalist John Wilson-Hudson who was imprisoned in Cuba at the time.

Kennedy was assassinated just over a year later.

Kruschev was forced into “retirement” about a year after that.

Again from Wikipedia -

On October 14, 1964, the Presidium and the Central Committee each voted to accept Khrushchev’s “voluntary” retirement from his offices for reasons of “advanced age and ill health.” Brezhnev was elected First Secretary (later General Secretary), while Alexei Kosygin succeeded Khrushchev as premier.[252][253]

I wonder if the Politburo knew something the rest of us don’t?

I think Kruschev had a hand in it, even if the Mafia were involved. They had their own reasons for disliking John Kennedy and his brother Bobby. It wouldn’t have been hard for Kruschev to engineer Kennedy’s assassination, with the Mafia’s help if necessary. I certainly wouldn’t have put it past him as an act of revenge.

Remember that the high Securitate officers also held rank in the KGB. Now, if that was so, why would anyone disbelieve that the KGB had very significant control over them.

Pacepa is the highest ranking KGB officer who ever defected to the West. He was (and may still be) at the top of the KGB “hit list” afterward. He was in the very center of much of the KGB foreign adventures. Disbelieve him if it suits your preferences, but there is no objective reason to do that.

If you believe what he says about Ceaucescu, you are compelled to believe that in many ways, Ceauscescu was the puppet of the KGB. And, of course, it has been shown to be absolutely true that Saddam Hussein had stored WMD. Last year the Brits destroyed some of it at the request of the Iraqi government, and, as all news sources show, there is yet another cache of it to be dealt with. Some liberals are now critical of G.W. Bush for not making a bigger deal of the found WMD. Perhaps some are still in denial.

And Oswald, of course, was a communist, not a mafiosi.

What exactly is that fabled thing the weapon of mass destruction?

I don’t see the motivation for Russian involvement because with Kennedy gone, the USSR would have to deal with Johnson. Also, it has come out that JFK had made a secret deal with Khruschev on Cuba, and that Khruschev was happy with this secret deal. Who really wanted the assassination of JFK. Was it the KGB? I don;t think so. I think it was the Cubans who felt betrayed by the losses at the Bay of Pigs and the Mafia which was being doublecrossed by the Kennedys. JFK’s father was helped by the Mafia during the prohibition era. This is where the Kennedy money comes from. JFK accepted the help of the Mafia to get reelected, he was friends with Sinatra, he was sleeping with the mistress of Giancana, he was passing documents to Giancana using her as a courier, he was asking the Mafia for help in deposing Castro, while at the same time RFK was applying unusually harsh pressure on several Mafia dons. The Mafia and the exiled Cubans wanted to get back into Cuba, but were frustrated and felt betrayed by JFK and RFK. There is your motivation, IMHO.
The Warren report is flawed because it is impossible for one bullet to be fired from above and then pass low on the back of JFK and then exit high through his throat and then curve sideways to the shoulder of Connally and then make another turn to Connally’s wrist and after all that emerge full and unscathed. Such a scenario would defy Newton’s laws of motion.
Getting back to the original topic at hand, the reason we are seeing Russian jets and subs off the borders of Europe is a reaction to the presence of US involvement in Eastern European countries. The NYTimes reported yesterday that the Porosheko Ukrainian government is now using cluster bombs against civilian areas in Eastern Ukraine. The NYTimes report details the horrific injuries suffered by some Russian speaking civilians in the Eastern Ukraine regions as a result of these cluster bombs, which have been banned by most civilised countries. If these people are the allies of Russia, then there is reason for Russia to be concerned about the use of these banned weapons against Russian speaking civilians who are more and more opposed to the Kiev government.

Human Rights Watch reports that both sides have used cluster bombs.

Cluster bombs are not “banned”. Some nations have joined in an agreement not to use them. Neither Ukraine nor the U.S. has signed on to such an agreement.

Of course, if Russia would get its agents and soldiery out of eastern Ukraine, nobody would be killed by any kind of bomb.

And if eternally-neutral Sweden is thinking of joining NATO because of the Russian threat, you can be sure its concern is justified. And this is not the first time Russia has had subs invading Swedish territorial waters.

Russia is the aggressor in all of this. Nobody is invading Russia. Russia conquered Crimea and annexed it. It’s in the process of conquering eastern Ukraine. It is making threatening moves toward the Baltic states, Poland and even neutral Sweden. It’s an aggressor threatening peace in Europe, and that’s as plain as plain gets. It is not excused by blaming those whom it threatens.

But no matter what, the fighting is all going on inside Ukraine, not inside Russia. It’s obvious who the aggressor is.

Thinking about this just a little bit more. Even during the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union never made Sweden so nervous by its aggressive actions that Sweden considered joining NATO. But here lately, Putin has succeeded in doing so. But it has to be admitted that, after WWII ended, the Soviet Union didn’t conquer additional territory in Europe the way Putin has. So Putin has actually been more aggressive than Stalin in that way.

So, I guess those living near the aggressor state, realizing that Obama is not greatly intersted in defense, recognize that they have to be ready to defend themselves the best they can. And probably they’re right in thinking they had better be ready.

Absolutely astonishing!

Well, looks like Russia is becoming more ISIS-like every day. ISIS conquers territory then tries to kill parliamentarians in Canada. Russia conquers territory and tries to kill parliamentarians in Kiev.

No surprise.

Russian fighters fly all over the place, every day they are spotted over some country or another, this has been going on for years.

American fighters are doing the same, nothing new here.

I didn’t say it was a case of “Russian” involvement, but a personal vendetta by Kruschev. He probably didn’t use the KGB, as they would have seen the assassination of a US president as extremely dangerous, and very unprofessional.

As the leader of the Soviet Union, he’d have had plenty of other unsavoury contacts to do his bidding. And he’d have been well aware of the antagonism between the Mafia and the two Kennedy brothers. He’d have been briefed by the KGB on the Kennedy background. The Soviets would have had profound knowledge of the Joseph Kennedy heritage.

As a side line, I remember my old pastor thinking there may have been a curse on the Kennedys. He wondered if Joseph Kennedy Snr. made a pact with the devil sometime in return for the wealth and power he enjoyed. When you do that of course, there’s a price.

Result -


Russia is not the world peace. China is.

Power is.not.always measured through military might but could be measured by economic might.

China has.been bullying the countries of Southeast Asia for a long time now.

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between criminal regimes because we usually don’t know everything they’re doing.

But to my knowledge, China has not invaded any other countries yet. Russia has.

It should of course be conceded that if we accept this premise that the US is itself then a criminal regime and we most certainly do not what they are doing all the time.

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