NATO sees alarming build-up of Russian forces near Ukraine


BRUSSELS (Reuters) - NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Friday the alliance had observed an alarming build-up of Russian ground and air forces in the vicinity of Ukraine.

“We have also seen transfers of large quantities of advanced weapons, including tanks, armored personnel carriers and artillery to separatist groups in eastern Ukraine,” Rasmussen said in a statement.

Rasmussen said Russia continued to escalate the crisis in eastern Ukraine and that this could lead to further isolation of Moscow.


This has been going on for a long time. I wonder what is going to happen next? Only God knows the future. I just hope that an even bigger conflict doesn’t occur.


More lies from NATO :rolleyes:

Russia is refusing to be baited into this conflict, the West has been trying its hardest to get her to take the bait. So far Russia has refused.

Rasmussen has a horrible track record when it comes to saying true, factually correct statements about “Those evil Russkies”.



Why would the West want conflict with Russia?


Empires like convenient bogeymen and the American hegemony inevitably requires them. ]


The same could be said about the Russian hegemonists and their claims that the evil Ukrainians were oppressing the ethnic Russians in Ukrain.


I’ll let the family members I have living in those areas been shelled by Ukrainian forces and watching civilians been killed by batallions using pro-Nazi imagery recruited by the Ukraine’s ‘govt’ know that. I am sure it will provide them with a moment of black humour.


I find it rather strange that despite the fact there are cities in Eastern Ukraine under siege and being shelled by the Ukrainian military, pro-Russian separatists are still often accused when civilians are killed in the attacks.


Double standards meets the three wise monkeys approach to these matter Seamus. I would post a link of an exhibition my wife helped to organise showing day to day life in the Ukrainian cities but since the news report is from RT (which is oddly banned here…) I sadly can’t. Although I can post the gallery’s website:-

About half way through the first evening yesterday Ukrainian protestors turned up outside and stood their, several of whom were openly wearing the Wolfsangel and had rather crew cut haircuts if you get my meaning. They behaved peacefully but I suspect that was due to their been a police presence. Also there were around 200 or 300 hundred people inside from various nations including some Russian security personnel, some British plain clothes police and so forth. The general view was that if the Ukrainians wanted to stand there and protest so be it but an unspoken agreement seemed to be implicit so as not to give them excuses to start a conflict.


As far as the buildup is concerned, NATO, via the U.S., has access to satellites that can image in visible light and infrared, as well as satellites that can bounce radar waves off the ground like a flashbulb and take images that way. It is not difficult to count tanks, APCs, and rocket launchers and determine their types.


Have you actually been to Ukraine?


Whereas the USA has actual access to space via the Russian Federation. You may have to start building your own space taxis again! What Russia has within it’s border is it’s own business. As I recall the US were the ones aiming to stick missile systems near the Russian borders and started getting rather upset when the Russians did not like that…



Interesting information. Thanks. Would CAF actually ban RT? This touches on the situation.

Outgoing UN rights chief fires broadside at UN Security Council

Pillay, a South African, cited 12 cases from around the globe, ranging from Afghanistan to Ukraine, where the international community has failed to prevent the outbreak of conflict.

“None of these crises erupted without warning. They built up over years – and sometimes decades – of human rights grievances,” Pillay said.

Pillay said that the Security Council’s “interest in human rights has increased” during her tenure, but cited Russia and the USA’s disagreements concerning Syria and Ukraine, saying, “There has not always been a firm and principled decision by members to put an end to crises.”


RT is banned from use in the world news forum at least as it apparently does not constitute news but propaganda according to CAF.


I could be wrong, but my understanding was that RT couldn’t be used to begin threads. For actual video footage I think they’re an excellent source.


I guess I understand though it seems that most of the “news” is just a different flavour of propaganda.

People should be able to check out which are more credible in their raw formats.IMO.



It isn’t banned. It just can’t be used to start threads. Your welcome to post from it or any commentary site inside a thread.


It doesn’t. All of this support of Russian imperialism would be laughable if it weren’t murderous and tragic. Russia has seized part of Georgia. It has annexed Crimea. Its agents are in Ukraine (where all the fighting is going on…not in Russia). And this is a “western plot” against Russia?

The anti-westerners surely know Obama is absolutely spineless. What’s his reaction to “Jihad John”? To invade? To blast ISIS where it lives? No, it’s to indict him in some American court and hope maybe someday the FBI catches him somewhere so he can lawyer up and be tried in an American court.

Europe knows, as well, that the U.S. is no longer a leader in any world conflict. Putin frightened Obama off from taking out known WMD in Syria. He frightened Obama away from putting anti-missile defense in Poland and Czechoslovakia. And the anti-westerners (who live comfortably in the west) want us to believe Obama is somehow taking aggressive action against the man who has him frightened senseless?

What a joke. But then, back when Stalin was in power, he had a lot of anti-western apologists too, who sat in their armchairs in perfect freedom and security and prosperity and defended the indefensible. Nothing new under the sun.

It’s hard to feel very sorry for the Russian people in all of this. I guess sometimes people yearn for what they perceive as the departed glory of an evil empire. They remember the “empire” part and try to forget the “evil”. And so, they support a fascist regime that supports fascists all over Europe. One could say to oneself “well, they like imperialism over there” except, of course, that other people have to pay the price for Russians to beat their threadbare chests.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the ultra-right candidates drew about two percent of the vote. And yet, the neo-Soviet apologists like to accuse Ukraine of being what Russia, in fact, is. But there’s nothing new in that either. The Soviet KGB colonel who now wears a business suit when he wears anything at all, would have been well-trained in disinformation. After all, his organization declared Pius XII a fascist too. And that KGB colonel still maintains the shrine in Moscow to one of the worst murderers and torturers the world has ever known. Well, two, I guess. He is reinstating Dzerzhinsky’s statue to its place of “honor”.

But the Russian apologists shouldn’t worry (if, indeed they do, which I doubt) that Obama will come riding to Ukraine’s rescue. He won’t even buy Poland’s apple crop, which Putin boycotted because Poland dared to upgrade its defenses.

No, Obama will leave it to the likes of the Netherlands and Maylaysia to protest the Russian murder of the civilian aircraft flight.

But I can understand the anti-western sense of frustration. The audacity of those Ukrainians to not want to be ruled by a repeat of the empire that starved, enslaved, shot, tortured and imprisoned them! (They called them “fascists” then too, but then the KGB called everybody they imprisoned, shot and enslaved “fascists” regardless of nationality.)
And I can understand the anti-western frustration with Putin. Why doesn’t he send his 40,000 troops over to shoot those pesky Ukrainians up? Quite possibly he will, in time, of course. But how many lives of the sons of Russian citizens can he afford to sacrifice if Ukrainians resist, even with shotguns and pitchforks, before Russians no longer believe in the “glory” of it all? Being KGB and all, and being familiar with Stalin’s empire from the inside, he probably knows the count. Maybe right now it’s just a bit higher than he would like.

He might worry some about that. But about Obama? Not at all.


There are plenty of anti-Americans in the mainstream world media. If, indeed, Ukraine was a nest of Nazis like Putin wants us to believe, then there would be plenty of western media people saying it. If there were photos of Ukrainians in Nazi regalia shooting up Russians, they would salivate over the chance to publish it. And not in just some obscure source, either. Many of the “America is bad” crowd in the British, French and U.S. media would love to publish that sort of thing.

But they don’t. And they don’t because it’s too big a lie for them to put their reputations on the line to tell. And the Putin apologists know it. That’s why we end up with sourcing from a Russian propaganda source like “Russia Today”.

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