Natural birth control well-received, study says


Thanks for sharing. It’s good to see growing approval of NFP. I hope you have a safe and wonderful birth. Looks like it’s coming up quick.

God bless!

Counting days with beads? That’s just Rythym repackaged!

If you indeed have a just reason to postpone pregnancy, why not use a more scientific form of NFP? Knowledge is not evil.

What’s with Georgetown anyways?

I agree…although it doesn’t look like everyone is clear on the concept. :o

Jennings said that the degree of involvement with the method among women’s partners in the study was surprising. “Men reported being very satisfied with the method, and a significant number of men reported being involved in some way in helping their partner to use this method,” she noted, for example reminding a woman to move the marker on the beads or making sure to have condoms available on a woman’s fertile days.

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