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My wife and I are both blind. She has recently gotten into natural family planning. She emailed me asking about a Basal thermometer to use to track fertility signs. Does such a thing exist? We have no sight at all and cannot read print. So we need something in braille, or a talking product, or an alternative method of tracking fertility signs. She or we…want to be able to control when she gets pregnant. We do not want to use condoms or any type of harmful birth control. Any help would be appreciated.


I don’t know if they make a talking basal thermometer. Here is information about basal body temp thermometers:

I’d suggest you ask your local pharmacist if such a thing is available. They would know or be able to help you research it.

If not, you should talk to a Billings or Creighton Model instructor since they use mucus only. There may be some instruction modifications they could do for your situation that would enable your wife to chart with their method.

Here’s the Creighton website:

And here’s the Billings website:

Dear Josh,

I’m a midwife, and I highly recommend the Billings Ovulation Method (BOM) to my clients who don’t wish to use artificial birth control. There is no temperature-taking, as it’s based solely on tracking certical mucus changes. Any woman can simply feel these–and many do so without realizing it, and it isn’t necessary to see anything to do this. The check takes maybe 30 to 60 seconds, less when you’re used to tracking. My wife and I have use this method successfully to both postpone and achieve pregnancy. I would, however, suggest also adding certical position and firmness/softness to the chart. The more signs you track, the better your calculations will be. However, these checks can also be done without sight, and probably more easily without it!, and take only seconds. Cervical position, etc, are not included in the original Billings method, but as I said, are valuable nonetheless. Unlike temping, these checks can be done at any time of day.

There is an excellent book on the Billings method that I recommend to clients; it can be bought very inexpensively. It’s called The billings Method: Controlling Fertility Without Drugs or Devices by Evelyn Billings and Ann Westmore. Here is the Amazon link:

I hope this helps; best to you both!


I’m asking around in a few places. I’ll let you know if I hear of any resources for you.

God bless

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