Natural Family Planning


I know that in today’s busy, hurry-up society, “the pill” seems easier and more convenient than taking the time to chart out a woman’s fertility cycle with Natural Family Planning.
I was just wondering if most NFPers (this is obviously directed to the women here) are stay-at-home-moms. Guys, feel free to join in if your wife stays at home with the guys.
This is not a debate over whether or not the pill is right or wrong. I’m simply curious to see if there is a connection between NFP usage and stay-at-home-moms. :wink:


I am a stay at home mom and practice NFP. When I was working I was on the pill. I don’t find that charting takes any more time than taking a pill.

I am also curious to see if there is a difference.


It wouldn’t let me answer all three. Before becoming Catholic I used the pill and worked. After becoming Catholic we used NFP and I worked. Then I had children and worked for a while and used NFP. Now I stay home with the children and use NFP. :slight_smile:

I think it has more to do with understanding and accepting Church teaching about our fertility than how much time it takes. But that’s just my humble opinion.



Er – Eh —

This poll was open for men too, Right ?

I work full time - and have a second Job.

My Wife works part time.

I do all the charting, and decision making.

All she does is put a thermometer under her tounge in the morning and tell me her fertility signs at night.

The man should do all the rest, in my opinion.

All in all, it takes about 5 mins. a day combined for both of our time. 3 mins. in the Morning - 2 mins. at night.

Certainly, there is no real case to be made that busy working people can’t find 5 min a day to do NFP.



Both my DH and I work full-time and we also practice NFP. I’m pretty certain I’ll be in the minority on this forum (for the working full-time…not for the NFP part!)

We’re used to it, though…We’re in the minority with regards to most of the faithful Catholic families we know…I often feel out of place at the gatherings (not DH though…he’s so laid back!) and sometimes I feel very self-conscious because I feel that other families probably disapprove of the fact that I work full-time. But, alas, it’s necessary (and Yes…it really is necessary…), so we’ll just keep on keeping on.


I’m a stay-at-home mom and we use NFP. However, we used NFP when I worked full time as well.


Why would people look down upon you for working full-time? That’s ridiculous, work is one of the most respectable, if not the most, that a human can do.


I feel I must clarify…no one ever “looks down” outright or anything…I am sure my feelings have more to do with my own insecurities than anything our friends/acquaintances would say/do. Sorry. :o


thread hijack warning! :smiley:
I have the opposite problem from you. I’m full time stay at home mom and my dh works at a University. When I’m around those people I feel so small and worthless and they actually DO make negative comments (at least to me, they are negative). I often feel I have nothing to contribute to a conversation and yet I have a degree and have worked before! But for our family I’m doing the best that I can, just as I know you are. I actually did work when dc 1 and 2 were little and it’s SOOO hard to balance work and home (at least for me). I know what it’s like to not have a choice to work. God bless you for taking care of your family the best way you can and don’t let it get you down!!!

back to your regularly scheduled thread topic :stuck_out_tongue:


I practice NFP but I’m a full time medical/MPH student.

I chose the 1st one because I figured you just wanted to know where people spend their day. In the home or outside.

I also don’t have any kiddos yet.


Full time working mom here!
I’m an electrical engineer… working 40 hours a week…
DH is also an engineer… and has a second job doing real estate on the side…

I LOVE using NFP… it is NOT an inconvienence… it SO EASY to do! We’re coming up on our 6th wedding anniversary… using NFP the entire time… through 2 pregnancies, BF’ing babies (and PUMPING for 12 months!), return of fertility… I’d NEVER look back… NFP is the BEST! :thumbsup:


When I worked outside the home I used NFP to both avoid and achieve pregnancy. Now I’m staying at home and not using it at all (leaving it up to God). Of course I’m also pregnant, so I don’t have the option right now anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Work full time (50 hours is an average week) PLUS a 2 hour commute each day - NFP.


I couldn’t pick any of the above choices but here is my experience for what it’s worth.

When I started NFP, I was a full time, out of the home, working mom.

Then I became a full time, in the home, working mom still using NFP.

Now I am a full time, in the home, working mom who is getting too old for the need of NFP :frowning:

NFP was easier, for me, when I worked full time outside of the home. My days were more structured then and it was easier to take my temps and check my signs at the same times of the day.


Wow, I can’t believe it’s practically an even split by those who work outside of the home full-time and those that stay home and raise the kids. I thought there’d be a shift but I’m glad to see that the working folks find the time to do it. I’m sticking up for those that work because I’m one of the bunch. We’re currently trying to conceive and I’ve been off the pill for a few months. I really don’t want to go back on it but need to find out more info about NFP before jumping on that route. This poll was intended to basically give me a realistic idea to see if it was possible for me to do when I work full-time.
Thanks to all of you who have posted to this thread and poll, so far. I really appreciate it, as it’s helping me transition from ABC to NFP! :slight_smile:


If you can remember to take the pill every single morningyou can do NFP!!!..
It takes practically the same amount of effort!
YOU CAN DO IT! :thumbsup:


I work full-time and have a 10 month old, and I practice NFP :slight_smile: Once you’re used to it, it doesn’t take any time at all. I use the Creighton Method, which is mucus only, so all it takes is a few seconds to make observations when you use the ladies room. I highly recommend it.


Did you take a NFP course or did you read books and websites about it?


I’m not sure if this thread is about working or NFP?
I’m the blessed of mom of 6 and lucky enough I don’t have to work outside the home anymore since working INSIDE the home is a full-time job!


I voted “no”, as we’re an infertile couple. I know when my fertile days are but we don’t avoid those days since nothing happens either way. Yes, I work outside of the home.

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