Natural Family Planning


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Do you have many friends/family who are Catholic and use birth control? Are they open about it?


I have some. I sometimes want to bang my head against the wall with friends/family who have no excuse not to know better.


I know plenty of them. They are not very open about it with me ever since we became pretty open about the fact that we do not use artificial methods of birth control and that we think it is wrong. That happened when we got pregnant with #3…everyone we know who has two kids and does something to “fix” their “problem” :rolleyes: wondered why we hadn’t done the same.

it opened dialogue for a little bit, but then…as it always goes…they became a bit uncomfortable in their sin and therefore, theydon’t discuss such things with us anymore.


Here let me do that for you :banghead:



DH and I, our mentor couple from Marriage Prep, and our NFP Teaching Couple are the only Catholic couples we know who do not use some form of artificial birth control and/or sterilization. No one is open about it, but they liked to voice their opinions about our lack of using it when the subject was brought up during the engagement. :smiley:


My friends/family are not critical of NFP, especially since they know that right now we are using it to achieve a pregnancy, but some of them are rather open about having tubes tied, putting daughter on BCP, etc.

It’s really painful when the people making these choices are my siblings, who had faithful,dutiful Catholic parents, 12 years of Catholic school and I know heard the same messages I did. It’s also frustrating when these same people ask why DH and I haven’t done IUI or In Vitro yet, or ask if we’d want them to be surrogates.


Just about everybody we know (we live in a very Catholic area) uses ABC. Just about everybody. Most of my friends are now sterilized. That seems to be the method of choice amongst upper middle class suburban Catholics! Does it bother me? Not really. I think it’s always been like that. There weren’t a lot of large Catholic families in my area when I was a child. We had one, but we were “different”. Go figure!

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