Natural law and adopting a child


hi could any help me give an advantage / disadvantage of adopting a child using any of the 5 precept of natural law that can be applied . i dont really understand much about it so i thought posting a thread in the forum. The situation was that a couple cannot bear a child so they were planning to adopt a child as an option

These are the 5 primary precept of natural law

  1. Self-preservation/preservation of the innocent
  2. Continuation of the species through reproduction
  3. Education of children
  4. To live in society
  5. To worship God


I have adopted a child so I just wanted to pop in and give my personal experience that it is something God calls one to, it is a vocation. It will be discerned spiritually, not by a pro/con list. The bible says that through Jesus we are adopted to sonship so I see adoption as quite natural and pleasing to God. May God’s will be done in their lives. Adoption has been a huge blessing in ours.


I agree with EmeraldOak! My daughter and her husband recently adopted a baby- my amazing and well-loved grandson. They prayerfully made the decision to adopt- then prayed without ceasing for a baby. There is no pro/con list justification needed- this little boy is a gift from God for which we give daily thanksgiving.


I’m not sure where you got the above, but it doesn’t really matter.

Adoption is an act of charity. See the Catechism section on the Sacrament of Marriage and the Sixth Commandment.


I’m not sure if I follow here but of the 5 so called natural law precepts, none of them are anti-adoption. If you are thinking of adoption, I would encourage you to go ahead. God has adopted all of us. My husband and I have adopted 3 internationally. Trust me, I think adoption is sometimes a bigger miracle than natural birth considering all the things that can go wrong in the adoption process (and that is multiplied X100 in international).

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