Natural Law and Marriage - looking for resources


Can anyone point me to some reading materials on this subject. When I google I get tons of returns but I can’t find anything specific to how the concept of marriage is reflected in natural law.

Thanks a lot.


I would search this site for information.

Here is a search on Natural law.

I would also look at the archived radio show of Trent Horn’s

He usually speaks of natural law in regards to marriage. As well as abortion.


A GREAT Book is titled “What is Marriage” and i think the subtitle is “a defense”. The whole book is from a Natural Law point of view and not a Revelation point of view.

Another exceptional book that I have almost completed is titled “After the Natural Law: How the Classical Worldview reflects our Modern Moral and Political Beliefs” This book traces the history of the natural law from Aristotle through modern philosophy and shows how altering the idea of the classical view of natural law causes a breakdown in our moral values and beliefs. This book is fantastic… I can’t put it down.

I also recommend reading “Good News About Sex and Marriage” by Christopher West. It is in a question and answer format and he bases his responses on the teachings of Pope John Paull II and his Theology of the Body which includes some Natural Law perspective. It was a book we read for our pre-cana class.


Thanks very much. I’ll check them out.


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