Natural law through evolution?


I am familiar with C.S. Lewis’s Abolition of Man and Mere Christianity but I am still wondering how it can be refuted that natural law didn’t develop in us with evolution. Why couldn’t the part of us that tells us what instincts to resist and follow through on be part of the evolutionary process?

Thank You


The principles of the natural law are unchanging because they are based on an objective reality. Does the natural law change from person to person? Someone with a mental handicap does not “have” a natural law different from the natural law you or I “have”. Someone who speaks a different language or is from a different cultural does not “have” a different natural law. The evolution of the human race, if you hold for the evolution of the human race, has nothing to do with the real existence of a universe that provides the principles on which the natural law is based.


I’m currently reading this book: **50 Questions on the Natural Law: What It Is and Why We Need It
**by Charles E. Rice
I’d check it out if you have any questions on natural law.


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