"Nature" of the Afterlife


Hi everyone,

I’m posting this question because it wasn’t every really something I gave a whole lot of thought too…UNTIL a friend and I had a discussion about it, which, more or less, left me with worry.

She said, in so many words, that when you die, you will not be reunited with your loved ones because the “love of God” will supercede any of your earthly feelings, bringing you into his eternal presence.

First of all, I do want to emphasize that I was raised Catholic. However, I have a LOT of problems with this assertion: 1. She doesn’t know this for sure 2. I personally can’t imagine a hereafter NOT being reunited with my loved ones 3. Her explanation belittles our achieving love for other human beings (parents, siblings and spouses) 4. I’ve always chosen love of others over anything else and my understanding was that God was love, that binding force which we can’t exactly define, but know and feel.

I’d really appreciate some reassurance. I am not open to her explanation, as it is more frightenening to me than comforting and somehow (correct me if I’m wrong) “undues” exactly how we were created.

Thanks for the input.



Well, she’s right, in a way. Love of God comes first–it’s the proper way to really love others for themselves and not for how they make us feel.

We will know and love our loved ones in heaven, of course. But, this love will no longer have any earthly attachments to it, such as loving them because they made us feel like loving them. We will love everyone for his or her own self with no notion of what that might do for us.

This is true love, not love based in self. Perhaps that’s what your friend meant to convey, but didn’t quite succeed. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply. It is certainly more “thorough” vs the either/or answer I got from my friend.

I guess I FEEL the way I feel because I just recall what it was like 5 years ago at my grandmother’s funeral and my grandfather saying to her that he couldn’t wait to join her. They were just meant to be together. And whether that’s the “real thing” or simply represents the limitation of being a human on earth I know not.

I do however outright reject the idea that they aren’t together now (granddad passed way 3 years ago). No one will convince me otherwise. There are just too many problems with this idea that the love(s) you found/achieved on earth for other human beings in this life doesn’t count or gets trumped. After all, we are judged based on our actions on earth, and this certainly comes into play.

I know that I misunderstand to some degree. But I’m also not relinquishing this heartfelt belief just because I’m told I havent achieved an ultimate love/truth in God’s presence. That just leaves me to think that we’re given finite understanding, only to be cruelly told, “Nope!! Wasn’t real. Doesn’t count.”


((((Jonathan3281))))…It is IN God’s Love that we are reunited-it is LOVE that never dies-and you can trust that innate “knowing” of yours…it is the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart…:heaven:


Thank you for the kind words. :o What a beautiful thing to say.


You got some great answers, Jonathan. :slight_smile: I think Heaven will be the most profoundly wonderful place… BECAUSE we will be united as one family… in our love for God; United as His Family… gathered together, around His glorious throne!

I once heard someone on EWTN say (may have been Scott Hahn)… that the Blessed Trinity is a “Family” by nature. God understands “Family” :yup: because the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit… are the ORIGINAL Family… existing from all eternity!

From that perspective… does it make sense that He would separate us from those we loved in our earthly lives? I don’t think so. Nope. Because GOD loves them, too! His love for us… is that of a Father. Makes sense that He will gather all His children together!

Just imagine the joy… of being surrounded by family… the saints, the angels and Our Blessed Mother. Together, adoring the One God! :gopray2:


Of course, no one is saying we won’t be with our loved ones. What we are saying is that there is a love that is greater than our finite love for one another here. Can you imagine a love that loves others even when they are the most unlovable? That is how God loves us. That is not how we always love others. Any tendency towards selfishness will be gone in heaven. We will see our loved ones and love them more, and better than in this life, not less. Does that help? :slight_smile:


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