Nature Photography with a Mission!


Just wanted to share some info on a little evangelization, charity project that I recently launched. Over the last few years I’ve developed quite a collection of nature and wildlife photographs and have constantly been encouraged by folks to make them available to the public. Well, I finally put them all together and have made them available at a website I call “Wild Revelation.” I’ll be adding new photos on a regular basis for people to enjoy, and a portion of every photo that is sold goes to charity. Have a look around and please pass on the word to those who may be interested.

God bless you.
Fr. Joe Classen

I envy your travels and time spent in Gods unspoiled creation.

Of course, I must help myself to the picture of the bear in profile, not to anthropomorphize, but it does look like the bear is smiling as the suns fading rays shine on his or her face.

Those are all very nice photographs! As both a professional photographer and hiker myself I certainly envy the opportunities you’ve had :D. May I ask what camera system you use?

God bless you in your endeavor!


P.S. I have some photos of my own in my profile if you’re interested.

Good day Father,the pics are National Geographic quality!Awesome.

God bless.


Glad you are enjoying them.

God bless.
Fr. Joe

Great photos Fr. Joe.

I googled you. Looks like you are in a prime location for wildlife photography - and mission work.:thumbsup:

Got my smiling bear pic today, the metallic print was worth the extra 50 cents; very striking!

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