Nausea lollypops


I just saw on TV that there is a company making lollipops to help pregnant women with nausea. “Preggy Pops” and Queasy Pops. They were created by medical people and contain a little bit of sugar and then some things that help fight nausea. Potential help for alll the pregnant mommies! :stuck_out_tongue:


If only they worked. :rolleyes: :frowning:

Thanks for the post, though! :o


I could never find them… but I tried candy and things like that and it didn’t work :frowning:


I think I read they are available at Motherhood Maternity and drugstores although I’ve never seen them but certainly I’ll be looking for them when I get a chance to have another baby! I was so nauseated for the whole 9 months with my daughter!!!:rolleyes:


I used them when I was pg with DD, I had the ginger ones. I thought the flavor was a little too intense. I don’t really think they worked well.


Hmm…interesting. I think I’ve heard of them, but never tried them. The things that work best for me with those early symptoms are peppermint discs, Sprite, and saltines or pretzels. I hope you get some relief soon. :frowning: Just remember, that nausea is a very good reminder that baby is healthy and strong. :slight_smile:


I know, nothing worked.

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