Navarre bible question


I am interested in getting a Navarre bible however, I’m not sure if there is a difference between the

New Testament Expanded Edition

and the

Navarre Bible New Testament Compilation Set

is there a benefit to getting one over the other?

It depends on how you will use them. I have a 12-volume set in paperback, which has commentary mostly verse by verse. It’s most useful in how we study the Bible, each of the Four gospels are individual texts, then the Acts of the Apostles, Romans and Galatians in one volume, both letters to the Corinthians in one, etc.

The first link you have is to a huge 1200 page volume that is 7 x 10. That must be heavy. I like my portable, user friendly, small paperbacks.

I have been aquiring the hard cover editions on abebooks. I also have one that has the gospels and acts. The New Testament Expanded addition imo needs to be laid on a table to read.

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