Navarre Bible

Does anyone know when there will be a complete edition, both Old and New Testament for the Navarre Bible?

It would have to be very abridged, because the complete Navarre Bible takes up 10 hardback editions. I have not heard of any plans that they were considering a one volume Bible.

The is a one volume version of the New Testament. I have heard there will be a one volume version of the old testament, but I suspect it may be sometime before it is available. I believe the Navarre Bible was started as a project back in the 60s, so you can see it is not a fast process.

I Have just purchased the Navarre New Testament Expanded Edition and am very pleased with it. Great commentary from a Catholic perspective and I would say a must for any body’s library. I for one would be the first to get in line for an Old Testament version.

I also just purchased the New Testament expanded edition, and it is awesome. I will definitely be getting the Old Testament version when it comes out also.

Can’t wait for it!!

I have the compact Nt and love it. Big plus, commentarty is same text size as scripture so u can read it!

Yea, it was a toss up between the expanded edition or the compact. It had great reviews, but I figured I’d spend the extra money for the expanded edition.

I was probably not clear on my last post, I believe all of the Old Testament is available now, but it is in multiple volumes.

Ah ok. Yea I saw that. Hopefully they’ll have an OT expanded edition out soon.

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