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Hi all,

I have been reading the Navarre Bible (major prophets) and first of all I would like to say I have found it very insightful and have enjoyed the commentaries.
Having said this I have found it to have too many errors for my liking and would appreciate it if any one knows how to go about to inform the publishers/editors of it.

Examples in book of Daniel alone

Daniel 3:8 has “iudgement” instead of "judgement"
Daniel 3:14 has “ofour” instead of "of four"
Daniel 3:15 has “offeringbefore” instead of "offering before"
Daniel 3:62 has “praiseto” instead of "praise to"
Daniel 13:52 has “he” instead of "be"
Daniel 13:55 has “imme diately” instead of "immediately"
Daniel 13:59 has “welll” instead of “well”

At the end I think I found about 25 errors in the “major prophets” even incorrect numbering of a chapter.

Sorry having to be the one dubbing but its better if we just try to correct them at least for the next lot they decide to publish. Overall they are a good read but they need to be more thorough.

BTW any one has had similar experience




I’ve got the Navarre Gospels and Acts and haven’t noticed any printing errors. My book says that it was printed and bound in Great Britain by MPG Books, Bodmin, Cornwall. Check and see who printed your copy and Google the name, a method of contact will probably come up. Let them know about their printing errors.


Hmm…my Navarre NT has been fine so far.


Actually I found some typos there too but only like 3 … read it a while ago so can’t remember specifics.

If any one has “major prophets” please check and tell me what you find…

BTW thanks for your replies


Some of the very first volumess had tons of typos and errors, and as the series progressed, later volumes included errata – published corrections of errors in previous volumes.

I noticed that the most recently released volumes in the series had much less errors. I haven’t looked at the newer published versions of the first volumes released that had errors, but I presumed that they had made those corrections newer prints came out.


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