Navarre Study Bible??

I am so glad that the forum is back up!!!

Anyways I was wondering if anyone has used the Navarre Study Bible for general Bible study?

I noticed that on Amazon, that there is a shorter version that is in the form of just one book, but there is also seperate Navarre books.

Any input on this would be appricated!!!

The “original” Navarre set consists of 12 separate, soft cover, books coving the NT. All are still available at about $17each.
The each have the English, the Latin, and the commentary, and some of the volumes have great articles and historical commentaries.

Then Navarre published a one-book, hard cover, of the whole NT - english and commentary.

Then the NT in hard cover in 3 volumes: [1] Gospels and Acts, [2] Letters of Paul, [3]Revelation, Hebrews, Catholic Letters… in English and commentaries

The 7-vol set of the OT is now complete also: English, Commentaries, and Vulgate,

The hardcovers are surely nice to have… and it was not so bad buying them (about $40 each) when one came out every year or so. But the set now, at about $400, is expensive…, so perhaps buying one at a time is still best.

Good quality adds to the value of wonderful commentary.


I have the condensed one-volume NT and it is a wonderful study aid, especially if you can’t afford the whole thing. The commentaries are very indepth and also very orthodox. I would LOVE to get the whole set, but financially it just ain’t happenin now!

I got my Navarre Study Bible NT in seperate volumes very cheap from my local Opus Dei as they were clearing stock. Its an excellent series, and my only complaint is that the series should quote from the Church Fathers and Doctors of the Church as much as they quote from St Jose Maria Escriva. Navarre uses the RSV-CE and has the Nova Vulgata texts for cross-reference as well.

Note the one volume NT has summarised commentaries and does not have the Nova Vulgata.

If you are just starting Scripture Study, you can start off with the Christian Community Bible. Its the most economical and the commentary is pretty solid.

But if you want the best of the best…then its the Haydock Douay Rheims.

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