Navy report: Failure at every level for US ships captured by Iran


At least we can get the important things, like transsexuals serving the military, right.


I’m sure the Pentagon’s solution is more SHARP training courses.


BOATS not ships! What a lubberly misuse of nautical terminology! Aaargh! It kills this old pirate every time he hears some land crab trying to talk like a swabbie! Civilians…for years I didn’t talk to my own mother because she was one!:smiley:


I’m pretty sure this one can’t be blamed on “transexuals”.


No they blamed the dummies on the vessel. Hard to miss that point?

The report said that mission leaders showed “blatant disregard for the genuine concern of sailors,” not listening to their concerns or empowering them.
Three officers have already been disciplined and five or six sailors on the Coastal Riverine squadron may also be punished.

The sailors and this squad, does their actual testimony exist? To me this story stinks of how great Iran is and stupid our Navy is. Fantastical imho. I think this is political bull. :shrug:


Not blaming “transsexuals”, blaming an administration that prioritizes “transsexuals in the military” and “women in the infantry” over combat effectiveness.


We are talking two different stinks though. :smiley: Are they mutually exclusive because maybe we have more of the evidence Carter missed.


Incompetence in the military predates Obama.


These boat squadrons are a new addition to the US Navy. They were used in the past, but it;s been a long time and the learning curve is steep.

These boats are even smaller than PCs (Patrol Craft) and are used for short distances from a home base.

The crew screwed up. They left late, failed to maintain a navigational plot, and took a short cut that took them into Iranian territorial waters (one of the many little islands in the Gulf that the Iranians monitor jealously). Yes, they earned punishment. Who knows or cares what their personal habits are. The point is that they screwed up and got caught by the Iranians.

BTW, when we were in the Persian Gulf during the war, every sailor was aware of how testy the Iranians are about their territorial waters. In fact, they claim much more ‘water space’ than is allowed by international law. We followed international laws and were frequently harassed by Iranian military. It’s a very common occurrence in the Straits of Hormuz. But, every island controlled by Iran is very well monitored and any ship that breaches their territorial waters, even accidentally, is to report it up the chain of command.

So, these sailors knew they were doing something risky and stupid and did it anyway. They did it during a tricky negotiation, and got caught, which made it much worse.


Maybe, definite indictment sheet but the code of conduct when captured really became the issue imo.

The military is caught in the oddity of americas terrorism campaign ran out of the WH. Look at the way Benghazi was handled, no boots politics and so forth, the report is out. Obama team issues which is consistent with the brass in the news. 2013 article below but much of the same with in-going issues. Its not altogether the size or finance either though I suppose that argument can be had. Imo its the leadership and a lack of plan which leads to lack of clarity.

The generals told me they believe this double ambivalence has contributed to a series of strategically incoherent White House decisions—and, despite McDonough’s reassurances, most of my sources said tensions between the White House and the military are running worryingly high.

In my interviews, however, many senior military leaders complained of feeling baffled and shut out by a White House National Security Staff that, in their view, combines an insistence on micromanaging minor issues with a near-total inability to articulate coherent strategic goals. “The NSS wants to run the show, day to day and minute to minute,” laments a former military official, “so they have no time—they’re almost incapable of strategic thinking.”

“If war is ‘the continuation of policy,’ I’d like to know what that policy is—so I can avoid screwing it up, or wasting lives for no purpose.” But, he says, “I don’t understand the process by which the White House is making strategic or foreign-policy decisions. … There’s an appearance of consultation, but you know you won’t be listened to.”


“Look, we have challenges with Iran as everybody knows and we are working on those challenges,” Kerry told reporters. “But I can tell you that Iran in Iraq has been in certain ways helpful, and they clearly are focused on ISIL-Daesh [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL], and so we have a common interest, actually,”

The Navy is faulting a junior officer and a senior enlisted for failing to defend their patrol boats and then for surrendering them at gunpoint

to Iranian paramilitaries, after they blundered into Iranian waters in January.

Navy officials also ruled that some in the crew violated the conduct guidelines for captured service members.

“The investigation also found some crewmembers did not meet code of conduct standards while in custody,” Vice Adm. John Aquilino said in the Pentagon press briefing, adding that the specific violation was making statements that were either harmful or disloyal to the United States.

The investigation also found the lieutenant and his counterpart in the other boat didn’t do enough to avoid capture or defend the boats from capture, and surrendered the boats during the initial encounter with the Iranians. It is unclear whether the surrender was a violation under the circumstances, since the U.S. is not at war with Iran.


yeah. glad the priorities are in place. b:rolleyes:


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