Nazi camp commander’s photos thought to show war crimes convict John Demjanjuk

BERLIN (Reuters) - Historians in Germany have released previously unseen photos of the Nazi Sobibor death camp, including what they believe are images of John Demjanjuk, who was sentenced in 2011 for his role in the killing of about 28,000 people there.

Ukraine-born Demjanjuk, who had been No. 1 on the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of “Most Wanted Nazi War Criminals”, was deported to Germany from the United States in 2009, where he had spent much of his life as a car worker, to face trial.

The photos, described by historian Martin Cueppers as a representing a “quantum leap in the visual record on the Holocaust in occupied Poland”, had belonged to Johann Niemann, once
deputy commandant of Sobibor.

I guess, they had to import guards from other countries for the camps. Imagine that.

I understand there were a lot of Ukrainians who were complicit with the Germans in some way. Many welcomed them as liberators from the Soviet regime that had subjected them to the Holodomor. Others joined the Wehrmacht for the salary and rations, as well as to exact revenge on the Soviets. Some joined the SS. I knew a man, an American citizen, whose father had been in the Ukrainian unit of the SS. Some were complicit with the death camps and massacres of Jews.

But not all were complicit in any way, even those who viewed the Germans as liberators.
If Demjanjuk was a participant at Sobibor, it was because he wanted to be.

Lots of Ukrainians too, were in the Red Army as all Republics likely provided soldiers.

One of the top female snipers in the Red Army if not the top female sniper was born in Ukraine (though, when she was born, it might have been called the Russian Empire, just like it was for Golda Meir who was born in Kyiv or Kiev).

This is all history, all we can do now, is try to move forward in the best way possible. I’ve seen plenty of photos with Red Army soldiers who had Asian features too.

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