Nazi Gnomes

I will be the first person to admit that the Nazis were really bad guys and the Holocaust was really, really evil, but please, people, can we let the German people stop beating themselves up over it now? This is the kind of absurdity we end up with:

I mean, really, garden gnomes are going to make people think about how bad fascism is? :confused:

Well since this is being done by a German Artist - In Germany - to remind Germans to be on guard against “Nazi Tendencies”, I’d say it doesn’t fit the catagory of, “We” not letting the Germans “stop beating themselves up over it.”
I would say that “We” have nothing to do with this.


Well, guess who keeps holding it over their heads…

I certainly do not.

And if others do, that does not change the fact that the article/event that is the underpinning of your post is not one of “others” holding something over the German People.
As I said earlier, this is a wholly German thing, done as a warning BY a German TO The Germans to be on thier guard.

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