NAZI symbols found in Houston - PRAYERS NEEDED!


This is horrible crime. We need to prayer for the family, the teenagers and the community so that hate will stop spreading!


****Santa Fe Family Target Of Hate Crime

Officials Take Four 16-Year-Olds Into Custody

POSTED: 10:14 am CDT April 26, 2005

**HOUSTON – **Four 16-year-olds were arrested Monday in connection with a hate crime against an African-American Galveston County family, Local 2 reported Monday in an exclusive story.

The teens stand accused of burning a cross, spray-painting swastikas and hanging a noose in front of a Santa Fe home on F-Bar Road near Avenue M, where a grandmother is raising two granddaughters, ages 8 and 10.

“I found the Nazi symbols painted on my garage door, writing on my driveway, pieces of (burned) wood and a noose hanging in my tree,” the grandmother, who asked to not be identified, told Local 2. “I just don’t understand why this would happen.”

The grandmother found the symbols of hate emblazoned on her home Saturday morning.

“My house could have caught on fire. I could have woke up and my house is on fire. Is it because I’m black? And why? I mean, how can my skin tone hurt them?” the grandmother said. “In 2005, you would never think that this still exists. It was a complete shock. The first thing I did was cry.”

Glenda Davenport, a neighbor and resident of Santa Fe for 26 years, told Local 2 the hateful display was disgusting and heart-wrenching.

“(The noose hanging from the tree and the burnt cross) were the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen in my life. I just never dreamed I would see it in my neighborhood,” Davenport said.

The grandmother told Local 2 the act stands for hatred.

“What that tells me is that they would like to hang me,” the grandmother said. “We are here in this world together and we have to live together.”

The grandmother said she is considering moving out of Santa Fe and that she does not know how to explain to her granddaughters what happened.

Santa Fe police said the victim in the case is the only African-American on her street.

The latest Census Report, released in 2000, showed she is one of only 24 African-Americans who live in the city, which has a total population of 9,548 residents.

Authorities have not said what charges the teens face.


:nope: I guess racism is not as dead as we all hoped. :frowning:
This poor woman is already facing hardships raising her grandchildren. I will never understand why people do such hateful things. :gopray: So much prayer needed these days.


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