Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner 'died in Syria'


** Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner ‘died in Syria’ ** - BBC

Dr Zuroff - director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem - told the BBC that new information had recently come to light about Brunner’s death and burial in Damascus from a “reliable” former German secret service agent who had served in the Middle East.

He said that the new evidence revealed that Brunner was buried in an unknown location in Damascus around 2010 and was unrepentant of his crimes.

“[Brunner] played a key role in the implementation of Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’ to murder Jews,” Dr Zuroff said, “and was a monster.”

He said that Brunner sent 47,000 Jews in Austria, 44,000 in Greece, 23,500 in France and 14,000 in Slovakia to camps where most were murdered.

In the 1950s Brunner is believed to have fled to Syria. He reportedly later served as an adviser to President Hafez al-Assad and is thought to have instructed his government on torture tactics.

Widely reported today in the NY Times and elsewhere.



I am skeptical. “Dem evil Syrians” once again…

Nobody really pays any mind to the Nazi war criminals brought to the US and employed here by the government…

“They’re only evil if they don’t work for us” :rolleyes:


There is a book “Operation Paperclip” that discusses members of the 3rd Reich who went to work for the USA after the war. But maybe most of those persons were spies.

But all the same, this was not merely a spy, this was a member of the Nazi Hierarchy, an SS officer, top officer.

Brunner is held responsible for sending at least 140,000 European Jews to the gas chambers.

Not exactly something to take lightly!!!

Oh, and excuse me, the Israelis are the ones who pursue these people.

  • "… I had a full time driver who taught me a great deal. They have a jail that is at least 15 floors deep in the ground with a bear at the bottom. Any people causing disruption in the prison are fed to the bear. *

The above related story from Syria sounds a bit like what the SS might do.

The Assad’s brutality is on record. It makes you wonder where it came from. Well, one of the headlines today was that Brunner taught the Syrian regime about torture if one searches this story out though the BBC article says the same as well.


Unbelievable what evil one person can do. God have Mercy on him and all others. God Bless, Memaw


It’s sad we see evils like the Nazis even nowadays with ISIS. When will man ever learn?


Yes there were so many evils in the 20th century. The 2 world wars, Stalin, Hitler, the Armenian genocide, the killing fields of Cambodia, the genocide in Africa among the 2 tribes which I can’t think of now.
It was a very bloody century.
I was hoping this century might be better, but it doesn’t look that way. :frowning:


Cambodia is well-known. One night on the news they were saying the violence of ISIS has not been seen since that era. Well, actually as you refer to, the violence in Rwanda, Hutus and Tutsis. Congo has seen continual violence as well, clearly. Korea was another conflict where many civilians died, I assume, Vietnam was like that as well because civilian casualties were high. Eras of insanity.


Yes the Hutus and Tutsis-thank you.


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