NBA and NFL turn up heat on North Carolina over transgender bathrooms


OAKLAND, California, June 6, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – The National Basketball Association has given the state of North Carolina until the end of the summer to change the state’s bathroom privacy protections, or potentially lose the 2017 All-Star Game.

At Game 1 of the NBA finals on Thursday night, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said he would need to see legislators take steps toward changing the law, for Charlotte to host the All-Star Game.

“I don’t see how we would get past this summer without knowing definitively where we stand,” Silver said.

Silver, while denying he is issuing an ultimatum, admitted his threat of moving the All-Star Game out of Charlotte and the actions of other businesses are pressuring North Carolina. “However heartfelt their views are…the current state of being is causing enormous economic damage to the state,” he said.

Silver added he was “pleased” with the growth of dialogue between the NBA and the state, and he expects a satisfactory resolution to the impasse.

Meanwhile, the National Football League (NFL) is also applying economic and social pressure to try to force North Carolina to repeal the law.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement, saying the NFL “will continue to fight” North Carolina’s bathroom privacy law.

“Anything that discriminates, we oppose,” Goodell said. “We’re going to work with the community to make the effective changes necessary long term.”



I’ll have to give this some thought. If my Green Bay Packers come out in favor of the North Carolina law, does that hold any weight or would the Packers be ‘guilty by association’ due to the NFL stance? Same goes for my Milwaukee Bucks and how much weight to give, if the franchise comes out in favor of the North Carolina law or would they also be ‘guilty by association’?


Gee, perhaps North Carolina ought to turn up the
heat and boycott the NFL & NBA until they let
women play on the same teams along with the men…

Why don’t we just be done with the whole thing
and just go ( pun intended ) back to outhouses.
Each person will then have their privacy, there
won’t be any of the gender issues, and hopefully
everybody will keep their noses ( while they hold
them ), out of everybody else’s business.


Ryan T Anderson tweeted, “Hey @NBA, you’re against bathrooms based on biology, but think basketball should be? No men’s and women’s bathrooms, but yes @NBA and @WNBA?”

So they don’t have a tournament made up of women AND men, but bathrooms, locker rooms etc. these should be gender-neutral?


I watched the NBA back when players played for the love of the game, not just for the $$$$$$$$.

I don’t get why they are endorsing idiocy by saying men should be allowed in the ladies room. The line is long enough w/o some crazy male taking up a stall.



If the NBA wanted to have sex*-neutral teams and locker rooms, they are eminently capable to do so.


(* Large Pet Peeve in this whole hoo-hah – Locker rooms and rest rooms, to my knowledge, have never been segregated by *gender *but by sex. I have never sought out the *feminine *room, nor the *masculine *room, only the ladies’ room or the men’s room. :rolleyes:



I was thinking the same thing, why would any sports organizations be trying to interject themselves into politics? Since when does their opinion on something totally unrelated, become so important? LOL


If they are serious about this, then they should outlaw signs on bathroom doors; all gender neutral. Separate but equal is not equal after all…

Really though, I can’t help but think this is being driven by the media. We know they are “all in” on the anti-Christian message and I’d bet they are attempting to influence these sports through the power of their TV contracts.

Why else would two sports built on masculinity potentially alienate their customer base with this nonsense?


I think Mr. Goodell should really stand for “no discrimination” and not only pressure North Carolina remove all signs on bathroom doors, put both toilets and urinals in each facility and allow anyone to use any bathroom. The Supreme Court has said “Separate but equal” isn’t ok after all…Oh, and of course do the same in the NFL Offices.

Seriously though, I can’t help but believe the major media companies are using their influence of tv contracts to pressure these organizations to promote the agenda. It makes no logical sense that two sports built on the highest achievement of the masculine capability would somehow think it a good idea to promote emasculation unless the consequence of not doing so were far more serious.


Entities that are exempt from antitrust laws are attempting to tell a government how to act. That is offensive on so many levels. I thin NC should put pressure on the Federal Government to remove tax exempt status from the NFL and NBA. :eek:


I really fail to see what the NBA and NFL seek to win by taking a stance (other than satisfying their liberal commissioners’ egos).

They are alienating more of their fan base by taking a stand, staying neutral would not have hurt them at all. Makes no sense.


I know right, let alone the ideal they want to speak on morality with their own private spin on that also. Wait, wait, they decided to be role models this week? :thumbsup: Offensive is right.


I’ve never watched a lot of sports. But I’m about fed up with most. At the college level they bring in kids who could never get into the school otherwise and obviously are cheating academically. Also far too many of the athletes commit crimes, including harming other students, which the universities and local government cover up. On the professional level the sports promote leftist causes. Even NASCAR spoke out against the Indiana religious freedom law. NASCAR!

Great point regarding the utter hypocrisy.

We’ve got to have our circuses. The government loves sports as it keeps us occupied. Entertainment is the true opiate of the masses.


Why would **you **be seeking out the ladies’ room? :hmmm:


This nonsense won’t stop until people turn back to God–and we know is not going to happen anytime soon. :frowning:

Consider what happened to the USA on 911–that was almost 15 years ago, and instead of our nation turning more toward God since that horrible day, we have beyond any doubt raced away from God and this nonsense just increases in pace. It will NOT take long before the good is overrun by the bad since the good refuse to take a stand–and with each passing year there are less good people.

Sister Lucy was correct–there is a diabolical disorientation that has swept over the world. Left is right, right is left, up is down, down is up, right is wrong, and wrong is right. Nearly everything is in a state of disorientation and there is only one cure: JESUS CHRIST.


Being the gentleman that I am, for the ladies in my company of course.



That’s fantastic. Nevermind the fact the WNBA is kept afloat by revenue from the NBA, which makes it a failed business model to begin with, but that is a separate issue.


YUP! Well said.


:thumbsup: :smiley: :thumbsup:

Good Manners Never Go Out of Style!!!


Sports are supposed to be separate from politics. It goes against the spirit of the unifying aspects of sports. I do not like the NFL leadership, but I still will watch it. It is not the fault of the Chargers that the commissioner is so liberal.

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