NBA moving 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte over NC transgender law


The National Basketball Association will not hold its annual All-Star Game in Charlotte next year due to North Carolina’s so-called “Bathroom Law” limiting anti-discrimination protection for LGBT people, the league announced Thursday.


I’ve been really impressed by Adam Silver as commissioner. He doesn’t mess around.


“It is ironic that the NBA would choose to relocate their All-Star game to the State of Louisiana since last month the state joined North Carolina and 22 other states to stop President Obama’s transgender bathroom directive granting boys access into girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities in schools and universities.”

“20 years ago this year, the NBA recognized the innate biological differences between men and women and created the WNBA to provide opportunities for women to play a sport they love with other women. Today, the NBA denies these biological differences and seeks to force women to compromise their privacy and safety in the stadiums in which their leagues play.”

Ryan T Anderson tweeted, “Hey @NBA, you’re against bathrooms based on biology, but think basketball should be? No men’s and women’s bathrooms, but yes @NBA and @WNBA?”

So they don’t have a tournament made up of women AND men? But bathrooms, locker rooms etc. these should be gender-neutral?


I’ve been very impressed with him as well.

He handled the LA Clippers situation about as well as anyone could have expected.


Good. Professional sports is a monopoly racket that rips off taxpayers to benefit the rich elite. They promote immorality and excessive enjoyment of entertainment. They are one of the true opiates of the masses in our culture.


Yea, I’m impressed too. He’s just playing the music of the hour - transgender the new darling right after LGB.


The NBA was so much better when David Stern was the commissioner


Bowing the liberal media and their tv contracts.


What a shame about this decision. :frowning:


Holding the All-Star game in Toronto would offer an easy way of avoiding the difficulties of US politics. Of course, the game was held in Toronto this year, and a repeat performance might be considered undesirable.


Who really gives a flip.


The NBA is an enemy of Southern values. They work to force the liberal agenda on the conservative South. The South should not give in. They are defiant rebels. Go Dixie!


Watching the Raptors/Browns final, it is hard to think of the NBA as an honest organization in the first place.


They can ask Bruce Springsteen to perform at their game. :wink:


Why? :confused:

Does Bruce like to pee in the little girls room?:slight_smile:

I don’t understand your reference.


Brucie-kins cancelled a concert in NC over the same issue. That makes him a big girl’s blouse in my book. :smiley:


I too don’t understand all the love for alternative-sexuality in the entertainment sector (and ball players are in essence entertainers). Do they think that alternate-sexuals are buying most of the tickets? How numerous do they think these folks are?



Sports is an escape from some of the drudgery of daily life, an enjoyment without worrying about politics and other weightier matters. I personally was just beginning to watch a little more NBA this past season with the Warriors and Cavaliers storylines. But now that it’s infected with this PC fascism? Forget it.

I’ve got better things to do than to give my time, attention and money to an entertainment company that pushes this depravity.


NBA ratings have been in decline for the past 5 years. I would think an impressive commissioner would be more concerned about that than about whether or not adult, biological men should be sharing public restrooms with pre-teen and teenage girls.


Did the NBA players want to use the women’s locker rooms? Did the WNBA players want to use the men’s locker rooms?

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