NBA suspends season due to coronavirus


My Milwaukee Bucks could have finished it off this year! Hopefully this doesn’t last too long. Seems kinda like the 1994 strike shortened baseball year. Totally different circumstances, but both stopped play…

I would not be surprised if MLB did the same. The Mariners wont be able play home games due to Washington States ban on large gatherings and the Giants, Dodgers, Angels and Padres may soon find themselves in the same boat.

Is it an overreaction? That can be debated, but given all the unknowns, erring on the side of caution seems the smarter path.

A player from Utah Jazz has tested positive. So I guess it’s prudent.

Seriously. I’d rather we as a nation overreact to this and have it turn out to be nothing, than to do just what we perceive as the bare minimum and then miss the mark by a little bit.

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PGA did it today

As did the NHL

NCAA Basketball tourney cancelled as well.

Parade cancellations, school closings. It all makes sense. Social distancing greatly lowers transmission.

I think what makes United States unique is we are seeing these measures taken without federal orders.

The task has to be met by citizens and their own state officials. No POTUS would be wise to try to micromanage the situation.

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