NBA team owner in hot water over alleged racist comments


So this guy disrespects the very men who made him the rich man that he is. What a class act he is. :mad:


I wonder if this means the LA NAACP will withdraw the Lifetime Achievement Award they were going to give him if it was him making those comments?

A year ago, he lost his son tragically, see how this all develops.


I would imagine that he wont be getting any awards from the NAACP following this.


NBA and NFL need a quota system. Where is affirmative action in this business?

Time to have a cross-section of people on the teams.


I don’t get your comment.

The thread is related to racist comments made by the owner of the Clippers.


So this guy disrespects the very men who made him the rich man that he is.

You are the one who said he’s getting rich from the very men he disrespects. Seems that opens the door up to say the NBA should be more of an equal employment opportunity organization. Then, we would not be talking about that. Also, let’s not forget, the men he hires are getting rich from him.

One can see who Sterling has donated to, Ds next to their names.,%20Donald&state=CA&zip=&employ=&cand=


This thread is about his racist comments. It has nothing to do with the Democratic Party.

It also has nothing to do with whether the NBA is an equal employer- whatever you mean by that.


I thought the NBA was still investigating.

At any rate, those are some bad things to say about people. :o :frowning: :sad_yes:


First it was comments by Cliven Bundy and now it is comments by Donald Sterling. Sadly, racism appears to be alive and well in America. :frowning:


Harry Caray, long time Cubs announcer use to say the players were getting paid millions for playing a kid’s game.

What Sterling said was bad.

Let’s hope trashtalking on the court, any words that one hears in Rap music said by players likewise are cracked down on with the same vigor people are upset with Sterling over. Or maybe that’s different.

NFL was going to have a measure on such talk but I think they are probably going to back down.


Those are excellent points.

The hypocrisy surrounding this issue is sickening as well.


I am confused about one thing. When he said she shouldn’t be walking with black people she responded by asking if it was okay to walk with a white person like Larry Bird. I didn’t see the reply that he made in the article. Did he even make a reply? Or did I miss it?


Reminds me of the comments Marge Schott said back in the 90s praising Hitler. MLB banned her from managing the team and shortly thereafter she sold her shares.




OTOH, the fact that affirmative action may be illegal and/or wrong in the NBA does not excuse what this man said and has done.

(In case you do not know, Sterling has history of problems with minorities. He was recently sued by a player for discrimination (I think).)

Ok, they should do away with quotas. Does not excuse what this man has done. :(:mad:


Nothing can excuse racism. Racism is a serious sin.


Sure, his comments, if true, may be construed as racist and insensitive at the very least. Another issue in this case is the fact that the ex girlfriend recorded the conversation without sterling’s consent, which is a felony. And I’m sure she sold the recording to TMZ for a hefty fee. So I have little respect for both of em!


Isn’t his wife half black though…? I don’t think he’s a racist, he just doesn’t want his wife posting pictures of herself with prominent blacks over the internet. I’m willing to bet he feels a little insecure.

…so the media takes advantage of an emotionally charged conversation between a man and his wife. Typical. Now people want his head on a silver platter. :rolleyes:


While this may be true, I think the core of the problems he now faces all stem from his feeling insecure in his marriage… But his feelings won’t get media attention. They’d rather hang him on account of being a “racist”, which draws in the biggest audience.

Why does his wife enjoy posing with other men so much anyways? Is that normal?

Watch, now if he loses his position she’ll probably leave him.


If you watched the entire clip, the girlfriend is part Mexican and part Black.

She is also being sued by the Sterling family for stealing 1.8million from them and she told him back then that she would get even with him.

As much as I hate racism (being black myself) I think there is more to this case than meets the eye. I am not excusing his behaviour or what he said, if indeed it is him on the tape.

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