NBA 'unreasonable' in moving All Star game from NC [CNA]

#1, N.C., Jul 22, 2016 / 02:49 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The National Basketball Association’s decision to pull its all-star game from Charlotte, North Carolina over the state’s bathroom bill has drawn criticism from those who say the decision is hypocritical.

“The NBA has abandoned common sense and put politics ahead of principle,” said Kellie Fiedorek, Alliance Defending Freedom legal counsel. “The North Carolina privacy law, which protects girls and women from being forced to share locker rooms and showers with men, is completely reasonable. Pulling the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte is unreasonable and hypocritical.”

“If the NBA actually believed that there is no difference between men and women, it would merge its two leagues,” she said, referring to the professional basketball league’s counterpart, the Women’s National Basketball Association.

The NBA’s creation of the WNBA recognizes “the innate and obvious differences between men and women,” Fiedorek said.

On Thursday, the basketball league announced that it would move the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte because of its objections to a state law that requires individuals to use public locker rooms and restrooms that correspond to their biological sex on their birth certificate. The law also barred localities from having a stricter anti-discrimination law than the state’s, and barred cities or counties from setting their own minimum wage standard for private employers.

The law was created to overturn a Charlotte ordinance that would have allowed individuals to use bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities that corresponded with their self-perceived “gender identity,” even if this differs from their biological sex.

The sports league characterized the controversy as an issue of “legal protections for the LGBT community in Charlotte.” It said it hopes to hold the 2019 game in Charlotte “provided there is an appropriate resolution to this matter,” CNN reports.

Backers of the North Carolina law, House Bill 2, said it was necessary to overturn local ordinances that would have allowed any man in any women’s bathroom, locker room or shower room based on their self-declared “gender identity.” The ordinances would have allowed legal complaints against business owners whose views are considered discriminatory under local law.

The bill passed the state senate unanimously with 32 votes. It passed the State House by a vote of 83-25 and was signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory. According to a poll by Survey USA, sponsored by the Civitas Institute, 69 percent of North Carolinans backed the state bill.

Many large corporations have allied with LGBT activist groups and the ACLU in opposing the state law.

Fiedorek said the state law “simply protected the dignity interests and privacy rights of North Carolinians.”

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It was an unreasonable decision. The NBA is just another liberal organization. They whine when they do not get things their way.


The only unreasonable thing is the Charlotte bill itself. This wasn’t a problem before and shouldn’t be an issue. 99.9% of people use the bathroom they wish and no problems whatsoever.


Exactly. It’s a manufactured issue. The purpose of the bill was to demonize.


I happen to agree with the folks that say transgenderism is a mental disorder


I also agree. The fact that it is not politically correct to state it annoys me.


Do you also believe that about gays and lesbians?


No it wasn’t.

A question: when will Christian Democrats in America actually start opposing evil as it comes increasingly into the culture, or “are they just going to keep making excuses until the Bible becomes hate speech” as one radio commentator noted?


The NBA is standing up for its principles. Seems like that is a reasonable thing to do.



Yeah, sure.

Doing the :cool: celeb thing isn’t exactly standing for principles. But between this and BLM, I don’t see why I should watch any games this upcoming season.


How is it not standing up for their principles? The fact that they believe something different than you does not mean that they don’t have sincerely held beliefs.


The priorities of society should be to protect children, not to be selfish. The problem is the left is cramming this on us and as someone once noted “forcing people to take a stand on the issue”.

I’ve already read distributing reports of abuse happening because of all of this transgender nonsense and the PC bollux that goes with it.

Men should not be going into locker rooms where there are little girls.

That’s what common sense is.

As far as “deeply held beliefs”, well, those have been under assault ever since Christian, well, straight white Christian (we know the left won’t try their “deeply held” beliefs at a Muslim bakery), that is, business were sued for not making flowers or cakes.

  1. Per this information, why is the NBA willing to have their all-star game in Louisiana, which is one of the states suing over the Obama administration’s transgender order for schools?

  2. Per the information in this letter sent to Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, by Congressman Robert Pittenger, why is the NBA willing to do business in China, which is a country with human rights abuses, but not have their game in Charlotte, North Carolina?


Yes, but usually corporate entities could care less about causes, they are only concerned with MONEY, they generally dont care who is buying, as long as people are buying or spending money with them in some way.

I remember back when I managed a pizza pace in town, a smut video store was going to open in the next suite over from us, lots of reporters were coming during this time as it was a controversial thing, and our top brass told us specifically to say 'NO COMMENT", they said we want the business from the protesters AND the people shopping at the store itself…we dont want to offend either side.

Seems like most entities out to make money would be the same way, why would they care?


Personally, yes. But not on the same spectrum as “transgender”. One is a particular sexual fetish, and the other is a persistent denial of physical reality.


That is generally true, but sometimes organizations do stand up for principle. Chick-fil-A and HobbyLobby come to mind. Of course, the argument can be made that all of them are really taking the stand they think their customers want them to take.


Just you wait. I think what’s going to happen soon on this transgender thing is that if a guy wants to dress and be treated like a woman, some guy is going to try and compete in the WNBA as a woman and if he is not allowed he will file suit. Then the NBA is going to really worry. What about the Olympics? Why cant a guy who feels like been a woman not be allowed to compete as a woman in track and field or better yet in the woman’s wrestling team. Just saying :shrug:


Letting someone pee in one toilet or another is not evil.


Abuse in the locker rooms is already against the law. Those who would abuse children before the Charlotte law will continue to abuse children after the Charlotte law. It may be well-intentioned, but it is a bad law targeting the wrong people.


Apparently the NBA has problems with representative government.

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