NBA will no longer call team owners owners

Multi millionaire players are offended that owners are called owners. I guess when you have it better than 99.9999 percent of the people in the history of the planet you have to find something to complain about.


From owner to governor? Why mess around? Go directly to emperor!


From the sublime to the ridiculous,please!:woman_facepalming:t2:

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How about Grand Poobah?

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The Loyal Order of Water Buffalo :water_buffalo: .

If you own something, you’re the owner.
If you, as owner, serve of a governing board, you’re an owner who is a governor.

From the article:

Some players, including Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors, claim the term is racially insensitive because of slavery. The majority of team owners are white, and the majority of NBA players are black (about 74%). Therefore, the term must be racist.

Yeah, nonsense. They own the team, not a plantation. The players are employees. Clearly, they are not slaves.


Let’s switch to amateur teams!

Knuckleheads like Draymond Green have no idea how good they have it. If some “governor” hadn’t been successful and legally purchased the team, he wouldn’t be employed for millions by said team.

The phrase "first world problems "is trite and overused, but this is truly a case of that. And Silver is a fool for pandering. One of the problems (IMO) with wealthy athletes is the fact that since they were children, they were coddled and had their poor behaviors (which many of us have) tolerated because they excelled beyond the norm in athletics. Silver is just continuing this trend, rather than simply saying “this is a stupid idea; grown up, and thank God you are being paid millions to play a game most people do for free.”

Such babies.

With all the REAL problems going on in the world, THIS is what those rich guys see as the problem that they must fix… a non problem ? At times, I think our great country is getting too stupid to keep going. For sure, we are The United States of the Perpetually Offended. :snowflake: :baby: :baby:


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