NBC Figure Skating Nationals

If anyone wants to talk about the figure skating Nationals on NBC, I’d love it. I’ve been online for a week with all the figure skating fans, so I would love to get a different perspective. (Actually, I just love to talk about figure skating with anyone!)

I don’t know anyone else who watched it!

I was very pleased that Evan won the men’s. I thought Rachel Platt (is that the right name, very blonde, braces, looked like she actually enjoyed what she was doing) was just wonderful.

The little girl who won was very good, but I don’t understand the whole thing about going to World’s. Why do they have different age standards? The ones going to World’s must feel like they’re going by default.

And Sasha Cohen? Where was she? Did she turn pro when my eyes were closed?

I actually was very pleased to hear about the age restrictions for Worlds. It seems like we should implement the same cut-off for our competitions. I love figure skating and one thing I did like about it was the female competitors had been a bit older than the baby girls you see in gymnastics.

The skating was very good overall. On the men’s side I was also glad to see Evan win. Johnny Weir’s outfits and style of skating are just a little too out there for me. I am finding though that ice dancing is becoming my favorite. They spend so much time actually skating instead of preparing for a jump or picking themselves up after a jump! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I agree that the age restrictions should match. I don’t think a 14 year old girl is a Senior Lady. The boys seem to be older.

I think Johnny Weir is a wonderful skater, but he comes across so smug and superior. In his interview, he wasn’t very nice in the way he talked about Evan, saying they wouldn’t be friends and such.

Ice dancing has come so far. I love Tannith Belbin and Ben Agosto. This discipline is more about the art of skating and not just about how many times you can turn in the air. There are certainly tricks, but so much more.

The young skaters today just can’t compare artistically with Peggy Fleming, Katarina Witt, Kristi Yamaguchi, and Michelle Kwan. None of them were doing those big jumps, but they skated like ballerinas. I really miss Michelle, but it was time for her to move on…

I apologize for not getting back to this topic after starting it. I would love to stay and chat, but my husband and I are leaving in a few hours to go to Nashville for the Midwestern/Pacific Synchronized Skating Sectional competition. Won’t be back until Monday.

One note–on the United States Figure Skating website, there is a post on the Forum that there has been a discrepancy in the Senior Men’s Scores. There may have been a miscalculation. Everyone is wondering what, if anything, will happen, and if Weir will be declared the real champion. Nothing official has come out of Colorado Springs and I suspect that everything will stay the way it is.

If anyone is in the Nashville area, come see the synchro competition this weekend. The most-anticipated event will be the Intermediate teams–there are almost 30 teams entered, and only five spots open for Nationals. This will be a fierce competition, and the teams that have programs with high-level-of-difficulty elements, skate clean, and stay on their feet will win. The only sure winner at this point is Fond du Lac, Wisconsin; all season, their scores have been at least ten points ahead of all the other teams. Of course, there is no sure winner in figure skating! Watch also for Wisconsin Edge (Madison), Chicago Jazz, Dazzlers (a new team that has done very well this season), Synchro St. Louis (currently rated 4th in the Midwest, but they’ve never qualified for Nationals), Starlights (past Intermediate Nationals winners), etc.–so many good teams, it’s hard to pick the top-runners.

So check out the Intermediate event…

Or go to the Novice, Junior, and Senior events, but head’s up–many of the best of the teams at these levels won’t be there. They have byes because they are at International competitions around the world. But there are still some very wonderful teams there.

We don’t have one here, but is there an all figure skating channel anywhere? At least there would be something to watch on TV! I’ve seen all the Law and Order episodes enough times to say the dialog along with the actors. So many of the new shows, especially the comedies, just don’t appeal to me.

I won’t be happy if Johnny winds up the winner. I’ll be checking that site out all day.

And Cat, have a wonderful time at the Synchorized Skating…three cheers for the St. Louis team.

Well, St. Louis skated well, but not good enough to qualify for Nationals. Oh, well. Next year.


You can watch almost any skating competition in its entirety, including the synchro competitions. There is a fee, but it’s not very expensive. It’s nice to be able to see ALL the skaters, not just the ones they choose to show on TV. And you don’t get all that garbage about “bitter rivalries,” which, IMO, is media tripe.

To check it out, go to www.usfsa.org

I don’t think I could watch them here at work, and at home I have dial up. Video things don’t work very well…but once they offer DSL in my area, I’ll be watching! I’m looking forward to synchronized bunch.

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