NBC lost money on Megyn Kelly bet


Yeah, who could have seen the tarnish of coming from Fox News getting in the way of her mainstream media success?

Don’t really care about Megyn Kelly.

She’s got enough money to survive. :unamused:

She was popular on Fox for a time, but I think she was getting close to wearing out her welcome, and I didn’t see how she would gain popularity by changing networks. Guess she didn’t.

Anybody think that maybe Kelly’s audience are the people who work and pay the bills in the country, and they are already at their job at 9a.m.? Maybe the daytime TV audience isn’t made up by the same demographic that watches a more conservative program such as what Ms. Kelly had on FOX. I know I have a business to run, am conservative in my views, appreciated Ms. Kelly’s previous endeavors, but don’t have time to watch interviews with “threesomes” and marriage swingers. I guess if I wanted that I’d watch Jerry Springer.


Bring back Ann Curry!

what an ugly sentiment

I think NBC has more problems than Megyn Kelly. Pushing this off on her ignores the larger problem. If they really want to grow their audience:

  1. Stop running cover fire for the Western left and the Democratic Party

  2. Put on actual conservatives for a different POV. Most of us, I think, know their journalists are liberal.

Who said the truth is always pretty.

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