NBC producing Catholic-bashing mini-series, "The Last Templar"

Looks like NBC is jumping of the Da Vinci dogpile:

NBC producing Catholic-bashing mini-series, “The Last Templar”

Variety reports that NBC is producing a four-hour mini-series based on the novel, The Last Templar, by Raymond Khoury, which was one of about five billion Da Vinci Code clones released since Dan Brown’s novel sold ten billion copies: Oscar-winning thesp Mira Sorvino has signed on to star in “The Last Templar,” an NBC miniseries based on the bestselling novel from Raymond Khoury.

Sorvino joins a cast that also includes Victor Garber. Shooting begins next month in both Montreal and Morocco for an airdate later in the year.
Romantic adventure-themed mini stars Sorvino as Tess Chaykin, a Manhattan archaeologist searching for the medieval Knights Templar. Garber plays Monsignor De Angelis, who helps find the artifact.

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NBC is indicative of the problems with the media culture of today. This and their continued plans to broadcast the Olympic despite China crimes is why NBC should be boycotted and so should their sponsors.

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NBC= No Body is Catholic

The Da Vinci movie was a bomb. I bet that mini series will go the same way…

And since NBC is broadcasting the Olympics this year. This only gives us one more reason to boycott NBC and their sponsors. Time to hit them where it hurts, in the bottom line.

Its called they want something that brings in viewers. Sadly most viewers WANT to see stuff like this.

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