NBC withholding live Olympic events from west coast viewers


So, are you west coast folks going to watch tape-delayed sports when you already know the outcome? I remember Sydney and I didn’t watch a single event that year. Instead I followed the outcome on the internet.

My thought is that no organization makes dumber decisions than NBC in modern times.

You could watch it live on the Internet and that is useful for this nocturnal creature.

Doesn’t make a difference to me. I was planning on watching most of it using my DVR. So, I am tape-delaying the tape-delayed sports. :whacky:

Nothing new, back in 1996 in Atlanta, even though it was in the East Coast time zone, everything was taped delayed. That is when they actually showed some sports in between the endless human interest stories.

I, too am nocturnal this month, at least somewhat. Unlike SIdney, at least this time in my time zone we have USA and CNBC airing live games along with NBC. I guess something was learned from the Sidney debacle.

Nothing wrong with that! We are doing the same. We didn’t watch the Phelps victory in the medley until this morning (didn’t know he had won it, because I purposely didn’t watch any sports news). Besides, DVR allows you to flip through the commercials, sports you don’t like (e.g. Basketball), etc. :thumbsup:

It was a MOST EXCITING men’s 4x100 relay race!! :smiley:

Wow! Wow! and Wow!

I can’t believe this is the only Olympic threas so far. The relay was unbelievable.

Canadians have live coverage!

In all time zones? Since you are in the Eastern timezone (unless Ontario swapped places with BC :stuck_out_tongue: ), live coverage would match the Eastern timezone coverage in the US.

Indeed. I don’t care who you are (okay…maybe if your French :stuck_out_tongue: ), that finish was amazing!!! :smiley:

NBC withholding live Olympic events from west coast viewers

:yawn: :twocents: :sleep:

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