NBC's "The Office"

What are your thoughts on the moral acceptability of NBC’s “The Office?”

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Well, this doesn’t really answer your question but, I couldn’t even make it through one episode. Least funny thing on TV except maybe for Saturday Night Live.

So I can’t really comment on the morality-- but I can say it’s not much in the way of entertainment.

Same here, I don’t get the premise of it. Last thing after being “in the office” all day is to watch some docudrama about office life.

To the OP, why would you think watching The Office would be moral or immoral?

Based on the previews and commercials for the first several seasons, I thought it looked like the dumbest thing on television. When I actually sat down and watched it, though, I rather enjoyed it. :o

There is a certain aspect to the show that plays up humor based on awkwardness, which can involve some rather crude dialogue. The nice thing about the format, though, is that there are no “bedroom” scenes. So even if some of the dialogue can get a bit crass at times, they aren’t showing vulgar things.

That’s what she said.

Opt for Parks and Recreation instead, which has the same creators IIRC. I am not able to comment on the relative morality, but it is much, much funnier.

I think it’s a very funny show. Like Seinteld sort of.

Stanley and Toby and my favorite charaters.

I enjoyed Stanley’s rant when they tried to call it a “Holiday party” instead of a “Christmas party.” :stuck_out_tongue:

lol :smiley:

Oh, there are so many. . . . . .


I have to admit, I’m liking Parks and Rec (aka “Tommy’s Place” :stuck_out_tongue: ) a lot more than The Office these days. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th seasons were great, but idk I think Jim becoming co-branch manager really changed him :frowning: Parks and Rec, on the other hand, just seems to have an endless supply of awesomeness :smiley: And that’s before we get to Ron Swanson :wink:

Stanley is awesome!!

Angela is amusing.

Dwight is funny, too. Beets !!

Yes that was a good one.
I liked the wedding or Christianing episode. Where Micheal chastised his workers for making fun of the christians cheerfulness and friendly behaviour.

I really have enjoyed the Office. As another has suggested, the earlier episodes were better. But there are some still hysterical moments that have had me crying. I’ve only been able to watch on netflix though so haven’t seen any of the new season.

But yes, there are some crass things on there. Michael is the most un-politically correct.

I used to love the Office. Then the sexual innuendoes became more and more. I got disgusted with it and stop watching. It’s as if they ran out of funny ideas and took the cheap and easy route by resorting to sex.

First of all, Parks and Rec is not by the same creators of the Office. The Office was created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, who also did Extras. Parks and Rec was created by Gregg Daniels, who is the executive producer of the American Office.

Second, I wouldn’t be too offended by the Office; sure Michael talks about getting into binds and situations that are most likely immoral, but they do not cause you to sin. Television and movies are able to depict situations in life that are moral and immoral without fully justifying them. That decision is left up to you, the viewer, and your well-formed Catholic conscience.

In the meantime, enjoy the comedy stylings of Ron Swanson, have a few laughs, and avoid watching Whitney. Which is offensive because it’s not funny.

That’s when you know a show has “jumped the shark”.

Also when the Fonz actually jumps over a shark. Or Barry Zuckercorn.

The problem with the Office is that it just ran out of creative steam. Shows weren’t meant to last forever, yet executives like the money they bring in, and advertisers like their stability and familiarity. People gravitate towards the known, and this can cause problems for shows that wish to stay creative. Networks have this problem all the time, unfortunately, where the dollar is king, rather than the creativity and story.

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