NBC's Trump town hall will likely be a train wreck — and viewers will flock to it

This is the reason why there is no discussion and only attacks. Here we have a clear example of an extreme bias that is unchecked and a truth that is in a bubble.

Where are the statistics that say Trump Supporters think he never lies? And on that, where are the lies that the media have told about Trump that many people believe?

Two worlds same story. The reason we are divided does not fall on Trump alone. He has part of the blame, but as things play out, the blame attested to him is very small. The Media is the one that divides us.

MSNBC is a full blown Democrat Bubble, Trump never does anything good channel.
CNN is the reality TV trump bashing bias, who never give Trump any good days.
Fox News is a full blown Republican bubble, that sometimes does give the Democrats a chance.

Then we have news papers.

NYT is a joke, the old lady has fallen and can not get up. They endorse Democrats and bash republicans.

This websites are just Republican hating sites, with full blown wokeness. Huffington post, Vice, NowThis and a few more.

From the right we have Breitbart, and LIfesite (Catholic) This are bubbles.

When you believe CNN for example. It is a probably a strong fact that you will hate Trump. And that is just one example. When you watch Fox News, it is probably a fact. that you will not like the Democrats.

The Media IS the problem. And Facebook and Twitter make money of hate. And their bias is very strong as well as Youtube, and pretty much silicone Valley.

Now the average Joe? Most see this. At least the people I talk to. I only have one that is totally Democrat biased. He knows it, and he was the one that told me, he was raised Democrat and he will die Democrat. But at least this guy we could have a conversation.


One of the “problems” with the elections this year is that we are not able to talk to our fellow citizens in person in restaurants, coffee shops, park benches, festivals, etc.–because COVID-19 has forced us to hole up in our houses and stay 6 feet away from anyone we happen to meet up with out on “the streets.”

This sounds trivial to introverts, but to extroverts like me, it’s awful. I and many others form our opinions based on conversations with real people who live where we live and make an income comparable to what we make–not television journalist “stars” who make million dollar salaries.

My brother misses restaurants not because of the food (which is usually passable at best), but because he doesn’t have the opportunity to meet up with and chat with people. Same here.

When my dad was alive, every evening at around 9:00 p.m., he would drive into the small town close to his farm and meet up with around 40-50 people at the McDonalds–many lived on farms and in the small town, and they all met for a late night snack and a late night discussion about everything from death and taxes to politics to whose heifer would win the top prize at the county fair this year.

There were many different opinions in this group, and those who participated found themselves influenced by these opinions.

When my dad died, the group (and the McDonald’s employees) sent flowers and a card to his funeral.

I miss this kind of thing, and I think lots of others do, too.

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No one should be surprised, least of all Trump.

this is not the place for politics… this post should be removed…

Well that killed the OP thought process.

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