NC Judge Orders Mom to Send Homeschoolers to Public School for Exposure to "Real World"

By Kathleen GilbertRALEIGH, North Carolina, March 13, 2009 ( - A North Carolina district judge has ordered a homeschooling mom to send her three children to public school, saying that although they are “thriving” with higher-than-average marks, they lack exposure to the…

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You can find some analysis of this case at The Volokh Conspiracy legal blog:

I should note that I would firmly oppose any judicial order interfering with the father’s ability to expose the children to evolution when the children are visiting with him (assuming the mother is given custody and the father is given visitation). And I personally do think that it’s more in a child’s best interests to be taught evolution than to be taught creationism. I just don’t think that the First Amendment allows judges to make decisions based on such matters, for reasons I mention in my Parent-Child Speech and Child Custody Speech Restrictions article.

Also found some interesting comments here:

The decision came down in a divorce case between the mother and father. The father cheated on his wife, and since he was moving out, he’d have to provide child support to mom. Homeschooling means mom would stay at home.
Dad did not like that idea and the judge agreed. So since dad messed up, the kids will get the short end of the stick.
Most likely, when the family was together, dad was fine with mom staying home with the kids. But now since he’s not there - due to his adultery - the poor man’s expenses have gone up. He wants mom to go to work.
The terrible thing here is that the kids are hurt.

Good point – Mom has been homeschooling the kids all along so when was Dad seized by this sudden concern that they be exposed to “the real world” and not have their brains stunted by creationism?

My kids’ dad did the same thing.
The judge made comments about my home schooling and about possibly making a ruling on my nursing of my (then) daughter, age 2.

When we were married, he was so proud, showing off what great kids we had, talking about how great home schooling was, yada yada, but when he was done with me, he complained about home schooling.

Someone needs to get some public school teachers who ARE home schooling on board for legal advice.

This is *unbelievable!! *Maybe the husband should have thought about the expenses of having two households *before *he cheated on his wife. Maybe, having *wronged his wife and betrayed his entire family, *he should think things through and realize what he is doing and start acting like the husband and father he *promised *to be when he married.

And maybe, just maybe, the people in this country should start thinking about what they have done in permitting no-fault divorce. One person gets to back out of their vows whenever they please with virtually no ramifications: business partnerships are better protected than our families are.


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