NC Register: No Half Measures in Responding to Clerical Crisis


Spot on. As the laity we must stay on top of this until we see real change from our leaders.


Agreed. In the coming months I will be encouraging my fellow Catholics to close their wallets to any contributions outside of their parish (i.e. diocese) until this problem is resolved.


It’d be a shame since most of the money goes to fund schools, Catholic Charities, etc., but I think I’m getting close to that point, too.


My diocese got half what they did last year. I have to keep reminding myself to give more to the parish and missions etc.



The Church keeps saying it is handled and then more oozes out. I am so sick of this.


Look at society as a whole, there’s a new scandal everyday.


But this is not new.


Yes, but the Church should be better than society as a whole.


The Church is full of people who are imperfect and capable of Great Good and Great Evil.

I don’t put anyone else on a pedestal except Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother.


This isn’t new, it also includes religious and laity involved in church activities , historically.

There is no clerical crisis. We have all known for a very long time. Why are the blinkers on here

Media sensationalism and a hunt this further destroy the church.

Don’t fall to it.

Be gone satan

Yes people must be brought to justice, you guys need similar to our Royal Commission.


No crisis? I’m sorry, but I beg to differ. Anyone who can read about McCarrick, Chilean seminaries, and Honduras and think there’s no crisis needs a gut check.


Nobody’s asking for anyone to be put on a pedestal.



Yes, really. Geesh.


Crisis , no, Details becoming public of historic abuse, yes.

But hey I can think of incidents in USA, I know of , that I knew of 5 years ago. I would start with Philadelphia.

it’s time to bring to justice whomever is guilty, Be they Priests, religious, or laity, and to
Heal the church.

This reporting serves to further destroy the church.

You probably don’t keep up with Australian News. We have an archbishop convicted and serving time for historic abuse cover ups. And a cardinal set to go on trial


This reporting is vital to the Church! Are you kidding? This needs to be brought to light. I can’t believe what I’m hearing here…

Oh, and we are not talking historic abuse anymore. Google “Chilean seminaries” and see what you find.


Heard about the Australian experiences?

You guys need a Royal Commission type court gathering to investigate the extent of the why , what, when.

No use lighting torches, forming a rabble and dragging clergy out by their ears because their historic peers succumbed to evil


You’re having having a hard time understanding that this is happening currently, as in, today, as in, as we speak.


The Honduran situation (like all others anywhere in the Catholic Church) needs to be NIPPED IN THE BUD! Cardinals, Bishops, and anybody else that knows and allows and takes part in this mess need to be BOOTED OUT of the clergy. They aren’t dedicated to the Church, God or the Catholic Faith but are only worrying about covering their own hides. And I am being Christian in my comments. They need to settle their souls with God.

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