NCAA to relocate 7 championships from N.C


Does anybody else find it strange that an organization that has no problem segregating athletic events by sex objects to segregating bathrooms by sex?


Athletics are a little different. Imagine the Texas women’s basketball team taking on the KU men’s squad! #slaughter :smiley: I’m at least glad they recognize the major physical differences men and women have when it comes to sports.

That aside, I think it’s silly to legislate who uses what bathroom. I mean, how often do you see a “transgender” person washing their hands when you walk in? I never have.

I do think the NCAA is being a tad hypritical by taking a “side” on what seems to be a political issue. However, if I lived in NC, I’d be very upset at my state government for being responsible for less revenue for the state.

I think the NCAA is being silly, but I don’t think it has much to do with segragation of gender in sports. Coaches wouldn’t recruit players that couldn’t cut it anyway.

Just a college sports fan putting in my $0.02!!

God bless!!


Virtue signaling by NCAA.


The NCAA is a participant in Northern treachery. They oppose Southern rights. People might as well play Confederate music at the relocated championships to protest the violation of Southern culture.


The ACC which is based in NC has decided to do the same thing. I’ll have to return the boycott.

I have no idea how many times a man has used the women’s room. But whether they do so unnoticed or not doesn’t change the fact they were already violating the law before this recent explicit law. If a restroom is sex segregated and clearly marked with a sign to ignore that sign is at least to trespass. It’s like any other sign protecting property. You can’t just ignore it because you imagine yourself to be something you are not. For instance I can’t go into an employees only area simply because I think I’m an employee.

I’m proud of the NC government. They are standing up for truth and goodness. Besides the loses aren’t anything real. Sports is a big government graft and corruption scheme. Most of the venues are owned by the state because they don’t make but rather lose money. We are better off without these events.


The state is basically being black mailed with their economics.


I prefer businesses to do business and stay out of politics, that way I can shop how I want.

But since they’ve gone out of their way to use their business for politics, then I am forced to use their business for politics and boycott.

Ask Target how their political statement affected their bottom line. Or Angie’s list.


It’s kind of funny how the NCAA gets all worked up about making sure that adult men can share dressing rooms with pre-teen girls, but completely ignores how it makes billions of dollars every year by exploiting the labor of young college athletes, some of whom are permanently disabled in the course of their being exploited.


The push for focusing upon gender identity over biological sex may push some women out of college basketball, or other sports, replaced by men identifying as women.
I can envision an Olympic games where certain events are won by biological men in both the men’s and women’s competition.
It wasn’t so long ago that Title X opened some doors for women. I wonder if, eventually, we might wind up with a fourth wave feminism dealing with biology, identity, and opportunity.


It’s a free country they’re free to do what they want.
Standing up for the truth is gonna hurt. Let someone else have the NCAA who doesn’t have the courage to speak the truth.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. At some point the Church will lose it’s tax exempt status. It’s just a matter of time.
And so? What do we expect of a world that can’t stand Christ? It’s the price of being Christian.
We can be consoled that long after all this is forgotten the Church will flourish for eternity.


I don’t mean to pick a fight, but are you saying we shouldn’t have college sports? Yeah, I completely agree that the NCAA is corrupt. But it’s not like these athletes are treated like slaves. The get school paid for, have an opportunity to play the sport they love, and have a structured environment to succeed. If I could play football at the school I love, I’d be all for it!!!


It’s a game.
These kids can go to college without playing a game.

It’s just a game. But we are so addicted to the whole thing that we believe the world cannot go on without it.


Well… I don’t know about that. I agree that many take sports WAYYYYYY too far, but there’s a happy medium. College sports give kids a chance to test their skills at the next level, and probably gives many of them opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Plus, what’s wrong with fun? Life is too short to take everything too seriously. I like KU basketball. Watching them win is one of my most relished pastimes. But my happiness doesn’t depend on it. I think that’s the case for most sports fans.

Plus, many of these teams go back over 100 years. Their tradition and history are the source of pride of a lot of communities. Jettisoning these traditions would leave a major vacuum in many state and local cultures. I think that holds a lot of sway. My grandfather lettered at KU. My entire family has gone there for 70+ years. Why is supporting that team for those reasons a bad thing?

It’s just a game, sure. But there’s plenty of deeper ties that go well beyond the NCAA :slight_smile:


But for the purposes of getting upset about losing the games, in the grand scheme of things, who cares? I’ll keep my principles.


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