Hello, My children are getting to the age where attendance to such events will come into play. My parish (or diocese for that matter) seem to be really into NCYC. I am a little concerned because the people who rave about it are quite liberal. I mention WYD and they give me some funny looks. Can anyone fill me in on NCYC and if it is a liberal event. I know that WYD is somthing that is fairly good Catholic stuff. (after all the pope attends it)



I can’t speak to the goodness of NCYC; in fact I’ve never heard of it. I did attend WYD in Toronto in 2002, and I do not exaggerate when I say it was a life-changing experience. Nothing can compare to attending Mass with half a million other young Catholics who believe in the same things you do, presided over by the Pope. I felt the unity-in-diversity of the universal Church. I learned a lot about the faith from such prelates as Charles Chaput (a bishop teaches a lesson and then says the daily Mass in smaller groups throughout the greater area of the WYD city). There are also opportunities for service projects and, least of all, tourism.

In short, if your family can afford it (it can be expensive), choose WYD. Your children will never forget it.


I went to NCYC in 95 and 97 and I don’t recall any liberal agenda at all…but it’s been ten years and could of changed. Honestly, it was so much fun. I had such a blast and I’m still in contact with kids (we’re adults now) I met at those conferences.


Okay, I think WYD is World Youth Day but what is NCYC?


I have never heard of NCYC. Could you tell us what it is? If it is what is here on this web page then it doesn’t sound like something you want a Catholic teen to be attending :frowning: .

WYD - or World Youth Day on the other hand is a totally Catholic event held in a different Country each time. It was held in Denver, CO here in the US when my girls were little so we didn’t go.

Brenda V.


Ha. No. That is the National CHRISTIAN Youth Conference–in AUSTRALIA, not the US.

NCYC is National Catholic Youth Conference, held every other year. The country is split into regions and different regions take turns hosting. Kids from all over the country come together, explore a Catholic theme, have fun in a new city for a long weekend and enjoy nationally-known speakers, attend workshops, sacraments, music/concert, etc. It’s also all about Catholic fellowship. As I said, I met some wonderful kids from all over the country. All are still active in their faith today, among those I keep in touch with. It was a wonderful and enriching experience both times I attended.


Our son has been to 2 World Youth Days (Toronto and Cologne) and loved them both.

Start saving and fundraising now, because getting to WYD in Australia is going to be expensive! —KCT


But so worth it :bounce: :bounce: … I’d love to see some CAFers in this bewdeeful city :wink:


Princess Abbey - thank you. I googled NCYC and that was the third hit so to speak, the one I came up with and since we are from all over the planet I wasn’t sure what the OP was talking about. Wew, now we know what it is here in the US so that has been cleared up.

Our youth (teens and young adults)in my Parish actualy do a lot more with Franciscan West which is a retreat that comes out of Franciscan U. of Steubenville (my daughter is a graduate of FUS) and they do retreats in several regions of the US. This explains why some of us were clueless when we saw the NCYC and the OP didn’t explain what it was (you didn’t either in your post about having gone, which actually gave me a clue that it probably wasn’t what I found on google).

Brenda V.


Never been to NCYC…but I went to WYD in Cologne and it ROCKED. Loved it. Now…there was some goofiness, like the actual German people who had arranged some of the literature had taken some liberties with a few things but ultimately, it was an awesome experience. Nothing can beat meeting Catholics from all over the world, seeing all those princes of the Church…ahhhhh and of course seeing Papa B was…unbelievable.

While in Cologne (actually my host family was in Dusseldorf, about 30 mins south of there), at our catechesis parish, we met the Bishop who will be in charge of all the WYD arrangements in Australia and I have great reason to believe that the WYD down under will be even more solid than Cologne’s. He had a question and answer session when the catechesis was over, and someone asked about the vocations shortage. His answer? More Eucharistic Adoration, more devotion to Our Lady, and more faithfulness to Church teachings, especially those related to sexuality.

Start saving now though…plane tickets will be expensive!


My son attended with Youth for the Third Millennium (YTM) and also stayed in Desseldorf :slight_smile: —KCT


I have teens who were too young for World Youth Day when it was in Germany but probably will be the right age for Australia. I take it the kids don’t go with their parents, right? I know kids from our parish went to WYD when it was in Canada but I don’t think any went when it was in Germany. If my kids are old enough to go to Australia, who would they go with? Is it usually with the parish or the diocese? Who makes the arrangements? My oldest is 15 and very involved in our small parish’s youth activities. When is WYD going to be in Australia? Thanks to whomever is able to provide answers!



World Youth Day will be held in Australia in July 2008. Most teens from America go with a youth group from their parish. If the parish does not have a youth group, or not enough teens in the parish want to go, several parishes will band together and send a combined group. Sometimes a diocese will send a large, combined diocese-wide group to WYD. If all else fails, your diocese will be able to find another youth group for your teen to follow to WYD, although I would urge the teen to bring couple friends in this case, because in my experience teens can be rather cliquish towards outsiders.

Normally, the leaders in the parish and diocese will make all the travel arrangements. All you need to do is give them a (sizeable!) check. I think it will be very rare for teens to go with their parents…but if you want to go with your teen’s group, chaperones are always needed! They might even pay for your flight.


ack–Thanks for the answers. I’ll share it with my kids and ask the youth minister what he is thinking. Let’s see my oldest will be have graduated from high school the month before. That will be a good age. She loves to travel. God bless.


I went to NCYC just a few years ago in Indy, and it was wonderful. I wouldn’t appreciate the music they have at Mass now that I’m an old fogey (as far as my musical tastes go), but the content at all the sessions was solidly orthodox. And they had confession available nearly 24/7!


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