ND Scandal - please watch


I just found this absolutely horrifying video of ND’s arrest of Father Weslin, a 79 year old pro-life activist.


Here’s an open letter to Father Jenkins protesting their treatment of the protesters:


Please join the protests against ND’s actions and free these 88 witnesses for the Church.


Praying. This is so sad, indeed. :frowning:


Thank you for posting this! I loved the Prof.'s letter to Fr. Jenkins. I signed the petition a week or so ago & wrote another letter to Fr. Jenkins the other day. Not that my little letter will do any good, but I was so mad I had to do something. I hope this draws attention to the situation!


Boy he was feisty, wasn’t he??!! Good for him and for our cause.

It is sad to watch someone arrest an older priest, even though they looked like they were trying to be gentle.


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