Neal Lozano prayer ministry

Hi…not sure if this is the place to post this. I’m brand new to CAF.

I have read Neal Lozano’s book, Unbound, and have gotten great hope from it. I am looking to connect with others who are familiar with his work, especially anyone who has attended his conferences.

Neal is the cousin of Fr Michael Scanlon of Franciscan University. Neal lives in the Philadelphia area.


The Lilymaid :wave:

i am familiar with Neal and have attended his workshop and know others who have also. Very powerful Ministry and a special gift to us from God!

Also, check out Mother Nadine Brown - Intercessors of the Lamb. Another powerful deliverance ministry God has raised up for us in these latter days.

God Bless,

The Bishop of Cleveland has issued a decree stating the apparitions and locutions of Maureen Sweeney Kyle (reference Holy Love Ministries) are not supernatural in origin.

He also did not prohibit laity or religious from going there to pray - they are free to go and we know how valuable prayer is. He also did not condemn it. He also did not mention that he does not have the authority to condemn it per Church Canon Law #215 and #216.
This is a very good thing that has happened for the Ministry and we give all Praise and all Thanks to God i have witnessed several supernatural things there personally. i know people who go there with Faith and i have seen those not looking for “proof” or signs and wonders are receiving wonderful gifts of conversion and deeper holiness and love, peace and profound joy. They are disposed to see and receive miracles if God choses to send them…i know this from my own personal experience. The amazing thing is i am familiar with Church process in discerning apparitions and to my knowledge no one was asked to be interviewed or to submit testimonies to investigate and i know ther are literally hundreds if not thousands to review and investigate for supernatural evidence.
God Bless You and i extend to you the anointing of St. Michael and the Baptism of Truth

I just attended training on the Unbound model this weekend and received prayer. It is a blessing and I look forward to becoming more involved. I also found it interesting in his book that he is a cousin of Fr.Mike Scanlon… I think that Fr. Mike is one of the great men of our time. My daughter is a student at Franciscan. How blessed!

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