Neanderthal Genome Complete; Provides Evidence of Evolution, Interbreeding

Interesting…I’m not too sure what to make of it. I just always figured that they were still humans like us, just a different sort of race I guess. It is possible that God made people with different DNA just to keep us guessing :wink: Tell me what you think!!!:slight_smile: Link below:

ACCCKKK I just realized that no posts on evolution or the like are allowed??? :frowning: Please don’t ban me…I didn’t realize. Plus, I don’t know if this counts. And why are they not allowed anymore???:hmmm:

I think the reason we aren’t supposed to post threads about evolution is because people do nothing but spam and insult in them. We Catholics (well I am becoming Catholic) have no problem with evolution. At some point humans evolved sufficiently enough to be endowed with human souls and became truly human. If we evolved or interbred with neanderthals; I don’t think any major doctrines, if any, would be affected.

Neanderthals died out, but appear to have intermixed with homo sapiens to a small extent, resulting in the 1-4 percent of neanderthal genetic code found in some test groups. That should not be surprising, considering that Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens co-existed for thousands of years and would have interacted with one another in various ways during that time.

To me it is just another fascinating piece to the big puzzle of how life developed and to understanding what all goes into making us human.

It makes sense to me that humans and Nenderthals interbred, since they were living together for many years.

My opinion? God doesn’t want us to be bored. I’m a fan of the somewhat off sense of humor God :wink: The one who liked to make things confusing just so we could have something to do!

My theory is that there was a group of maybe 1,000 humanoids, as the most popular scientific theory suggests, and God imbued two of them with souls, and their descendants became the homo sapiens. The rest of that group? Hello neanderthals.

So, the folks walking around today with 4% Neanderthal DNA don’t have souls?!?!?!

I assume they still do have souls. Thoughts anyone???

Thank you for posting the link to the article.

I’ve had my DNA analyzed for genealogical purposes.

I wonder if these kinds of results would show Neanderthals in one’s ancestry? :smiley:

I think Neanderthals may have been the Nephilim.

Begin with simple facts. God created all. We don’t know how or why he created all that he created, though we can know bits and pieces. Therefore, God created Neanderthals. Exactly why He did and why they are no longer in existence is known to God, but the fact that we seem to share some genetic heritage from Neanderthals suggests that they were indeed part of God’s plan for our salvation.

This is a fascinating story. On many levels.


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