Near Death Explained

Although she no longer had use of her eyes and ears, she described her observations in terms of her senses and perceptions. “I thought the way they had my head shaved was very peculiar,” she said. “I expected them to take all of the hair, but they did not.” She also described the Midas Rex bone saw (“The saw thing that I hated the sound of looked like an electric toothbrush and it had a dent in it … ”) and the dental-drill sound it made with considerable accuracy.

Meanwhile, Spetzler was removing the outermost membrane of Pamela’s brain, cutting it open with scissors. At about the same time, a female cardiac surgeon was attempting to locate the femoral artery in Pam’s right groin. Remarkably, Pam later claimed to remember a female voice saying, “We have a problem. Her arteries are too small.” And then a male voice: “Try the other side.” Medical records confirm this conversation, yet Pam could not have heard them.

As one who had a NDE all I can say is: It just does not cut it. It’s all complicated and scientific in nature, but it just falls so short of what is going on. Really it does.

I have never had an NDE, but my father did. When he was a young man, he underwent an operation. He lost consciousness under the anaesthetic. Then he felt himself float out of himself. He could hear what the doctors and nurses were saying, and could see them. He could tell they were in an almost panic state, but was simply bemused by that. Then he found himself heading toward a light, as if through a tunnel. It was so friendly and warm he didn’t want to leave, but wanted to progress toward it. He didn’t see deceased family members in his presence, but he could “feel” them, sort of telepathically. He was “told” he had to go back. He didn’t want to. Then the “voice” (it was more telepathic than a voice) told him gently that he had to, but that “…now you know the way”. He descended from a height back to the operating room, lost consciousness again and found himself later in a recovery room.

The doctor explained to him that he underwent uncontrollable bleeding for a time and they “lost him” for awhile, and were relieved that he “came back”. He didn’t speak to them of his experience except to recount some of the goings-on in the operating room. The doctor was surprised, but confirmed that, yes, those events had happened.

He was in a city he had not explored before. He had gone straight to the hospital without exploring around it. He did remember many of the features of several blocks surrounding the hospital during his “descent” and went later to see if they were really there. They were, and just as he had seen them during the NDE.

He certainly believed the reality of it, that it was a spiritual experience independent of the body, and so do I. And that was a long time before anybody, including my father, had ever heard of MDEs.

I once took care of a young man following a cardiac arrest after being electrocuted with high voltage at work. He was able to describe the scenario of his rescue and the resuscitation scene, said he felt he had left his body. He talked about the light he saw and how he was drawn toward it. He was extremely calm and peaceful. I had no reason to doubt him at all, esp. since an extended time had occurred from the time of the accident until CPR could be started, as they had to cut the power, secure the scene, etc. I was surprised he survived neurologically intact.

What happened during your NDE? (if you don’t mind sharing)

Can you elaborate please? What would you say you experienced that contradicted this explanation?

This all makes sense to me. Your father’s gaining of knowledge he had no previous way of having (new city surroundings) is similar to part of my own experience. The knowledge I gained though had to do with God: the need to pray, that I could offer sufferings to God, that there was sin, that souls needed salvation and people needed to know there was a God. Prior to my NDE I had none of these ideas or thoughts.

For one it does not explain “gained knowledge” that the person experiences. In my case it was the existence of God, (prior to which I had no knowledge of). Also, I came back realizing that I could offer my sufferings to God, that souls needed salvation, that there was a heaven and hell, and that God created all things. I was never taught this, had never read about it and up until that night never knew of the need to pray or talk to God. Where did that come from?

I did float outside of my body, but I never saw anything. My entire experience was like that of a telepathic communication. Ideas and thoughts came to me that “were not my own” and that I knew were the truth. I had never experienced “truth” in this way before, and because of that experience seem to have the ability to discern what is true and what is false, even in the case of others telling lies.

I don’t think that there is a lot of contradiction in what the article indicates, only that it is so incomplete as to be near babble in a way. I wish I could explain better, but our language is very limited and so is our usual understanding of things that I can’t I indicated in another post somewhere that I “learned” that each and every letter in a word, every nuance of a word has meaning beyond our knowledge and understanding.

I really think if people understood that alone, there would so much more care in how we say things, why we say things, and what we say, that it just might land up silencing most of us most of the time. And this is an inadequate statement. I wish I could do better.

It doesn’t sound like you are contradicting the article so much as noting that for those who have had a NDE it falls short of conveying the experience. For me, never having had one, it was quite interesting. (Keep in mind also that the article is a small exerpt from a book.)

Among the things that the ariticle cites is what you mention: how people are changed by it and how they experience it as real and not illusionary.

Obviously eperiencing something will always be different from reading about it. But for those of us who have not had the experience, we take what we can get.

I have to add a story that happened to me this week - I have been visiting a man whom I became friends with over the last few weeks who was termenal in the palitive care ward here in the city I live. I have been praying for him daily - I saw him last Saturday and continued to pray for him this week - on Tuesday I heard his voice in my prayers and he said I am with Jesus now while I was praying and Wednesday I felt I did not need to pray for him anymore - I have been praying the chaplet of mercy for him since I met him - so I called the hospital today to inquire about him and he passed away on Tuesday - I am in awe today of God , of Christ and of the Holy spirit - how did I hear his voice telling me this - how did I know that prayers were no longer needed - all glory belongs to the Lord - his mercy is endless - I am amazed. I asked God how I would know that my prayers are working - I am going to take this as a sign that they are. I will be in awe of our lord today and pray confidenly that my prayers are heard.

If you would like join me and say a prayer in thanks giving to God today - I will thank him all day long.

I will add this is not the first time this has happened.
I speak the truth today about this I am not making it up.

I believe you fully. I have experienced similar things.

Just two week prior to my mothers passing I sensed that she was going to die soon, and she had suffered for years. It was Thanksgiving night.

I prayed that God would take her only when HE knew her soul was RIGHT with Him. I also asked that when that time came there would be no way anyone could interfere and try to “save her.” I wanted her to have a peaceful death only when God knew it was the right time.

On the evening of parents wedding anniversary my mother died in her sleep. My dad and brother always, and I mean always wake up during the night and check out the house each other and mom. Well that night they slept clear through, never waking up even one time. Also that night my sister was in the hospital in critical condition. She had wanted to call the house during the night but was to sick to call. In fact, she suffered seizures most of the night due to a reaction to medications they were using to try and save her life.

In the morning I called my dad to get clothes for my sister and take them too the hospital. He said he would as soon as he got mom up. I was at work. Five minutes later he called me say that mom had passed in her sleep. Doctors later told us that only 5% of people die in their sleep, and that it is usually the most peaceful way for a person to die.

Though I was sad that mom had died, I had a deep peace. As a friend was driving me home I heard the words: “She is fine now.” come to me. I knew my mom was with God.

I believe in NDEs,I have read too many accounts of them for this to be just coincidence.

I also believe that people need to know there is a God, our world has grown very far from this truth, but I think this falls on Gods shoulders to make this happen, in biblical days, he traveled all over doing all kinds of things that proved he was more than a mortal man, I think maybe he needs to do the same thing for the modern world. I think this would help alot of people to believe.

After all, we live in a world where we believe what we can see, hear, touch, etc.God should realize people living in this type of a world may need a bit of help in this area.

I think God does all He should. We on the other hand are to occupied with what we think should be signs of God, rather than paying attention to the signs that are there. And we live in a time when things seem to require all kinds of flash and bang for people to think that something is real. What about that small whisper? Or the silent moments in our lives that we seem to have a need to fill with racket and noise?

Our new age seems bent on screaming over the voice of God, and throwing out “flashes of light” that blind us to what is real versus that which is phoney.

We may not like it, but that is the way our world is, we cant change it, and more than likely, it will only get worse, BUT, when Jesus came the first time, he had to go to where the people were in order to spread his message, todays world is no different, if you want followers, you have to go to where the people are and make them hear you…if you dont, then they dont hear or see you…its that simple

You were hallucinating. Nothing else.

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