Near occasion of sin or scruples?

So I used to like to watch certain people on YouTube. One of them specifically says pretty crude and vulgar stuff every once in a while in his videos, but that is not a near occasion of sin for me. The reason I used to watch him is because I thinks he says and does hilarious stuff, in my opinion. I do have quite crude humor to a certain extent, I admit.

I do struggle with three things: Lust, jealousy and scruples. And that’s what’s making things hard for me. See, there are moments where girls in his videos may cause temptations of lust for me. So my question here is: Would I commit a sin if I would continue to watch his videos? The reason I watch them is simply because I find him funny most of the time, not because I actually want to sin.

There are also another person on YouTube, a woman who plays the violin, which is very talented. I used to enjoy her music videos as well, but recently I have started to feel envy/jealousy towards her, which renders me unable to watch or listen to her music anymore, even though I don’t actually want to feel envious. Would it be a sin for me to watch her videos despite this?

This may not seem to be a big deal if I stop to watch things on YouTube which I used to enjoy, but I still think it’s a big bummer that my own struggles hinders me this much. YouTube used to be a big recreational source for me, much like music or video games. Furthermore, I don’t know if it’s just scruples kicking in or if I am over thinking stuff, which is frustrating in itself. I have trouble discerning these things.

Of course, if it is sinful for me, then I will have to give it up. I just want to figure these things out first. Reading what I just wrote makes me realize it’s probably better just to give it up, I just want to hear your thoughts first.

I would stop reading or viewing any materials that disrespect the gift of the human body. I would also avoid anything that causes you to be more likely to engage in sin.

Beyond this, I believe it is important to work on the underlying sins themselves. It isn’t enough to just avoid situations of jealousy. If jealousy is an issue for us we need to seek help in changing our Christian attitude. If you don’t work on the sin itself, it will continue to be a problem whether you can hide from all of the things that make you jealous or not.

“Crude” jokes are wrong because they demonstrate disrespect for the sanctity of sexual relations. They can also lead you to difficulties with your personal chastity. It will be hard, but it is important to stop participating in these jokes. Pick the appropriate person fot you and plug them into this: This joke is about___________. (Mom, Jesus, my girlfriend, etc.) Is it funny now? Or imagine telling the joke to ____________. Would you be embarassed/ashamed?

Work at least as hard at stopping the sin as you are at aboiding it! :slight_smile:

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