Near occasion of sin

Is it a sin to put yourself in a “near occasion of sin” if you know you absolutely will not commit the sin? No “but you might”—you are determined that you will not.

There are all sorts of remote occasions of sin in life…all sorts of possible good things that one can do --where there is a possibility that some temptation may come. We would have to lock avoid many good things in life to avoid all those --and maybe knock ourselves unconscious…

(not saying here one does not still seek to avoid such often…one judges prudently such things)

Certainly one is to avoid the near occasion of mortal sin.

We are obliged to avoid near occasions of mortal sin (usually more the focus is on such in this sort of question).

What though is a near occasion of mortal sin?

It is not simply temptation (though let us seek to avoid temptations).

A near occasion of mortal sin is such where one would generally falls into mortal sin -one generally commits a mortal sin (or even always!)–or is what is likely to cause one to commit a particular mortal sin now. Due to the nature of thing itself or ones particular weakness.

Though there can at times be good reasons to be in them…ones confessor can guide one (necessary occasions…which one still tries to make more remote…)

It is not a sin to put yourself in a near occasion of sin if you are very certain that you will not succumb.

But this certainty is hard to objectify. Maybe the alcoholic really wants to get drunk, but tells himself that he won’t touch a drop if he goes into that bar. We can fool ourselves better than we can fool other people.

But there is more to it than that. For example, many people think it is ok to physically sleep with someone they dating because they are certain they will not “succumb” and have sexual relations. Yet there are all sorts of other things that can happen in this situation. First, you could be wrong…you might succumb. Second, there is a great deal of potential to lust here. Third, there is scandal

I’m sure there are some things I’m missing here.

Without knowing what kind of situation the OP is speaking of, it’s a difficult question to answer.

Your last sentence is exactly right.

If there is a good reason for doing it, such as helping others, I don’t see what could be wrong about putting yourself in the position. Remember: Jesus ate dinner with prostitutes and tax collectors.

I am determined to not commit a sin right after confession but wouldn’t you know it, I seem to always have to go back… I think a near occasion of sin compounds that…

I would agree if you actually do what Jesus did and evangelize, convert and help others repent and sin no more. People seem to forget that though when they throw out that Jesus ate with sinners.:rolleyes: But if you wish to save prostitutes and porn workers I guess you would have to put yourself in near occasion of sin to preach to them. If that is what a person is strong enough in their faith to do! Go for it! But if it is about not being strong enough to help others to not sin anymore and convert, and more about fitting in and trying to seem non judgemental, then it will probably end a little different than Jesus’ conversions.

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