Near occasion of sin?


Would it be a near occasion of sin to go on youtube via computer because of the provocative ads that may come up? (There have been some). I understand there are obvious times when and how to avoid what leads us to sin, but youtube is not always a near occasion of sin. I avoid youtube and other normal things when I am in a time of temptation and weakness. If you know you can handle something but it may tempt you but not always, should you still always avoid it? This is New Advent’s article on occasions of sin:


Occasions of sin…

There are all sorts of *remote occasions *of sin in life…all sorts of possible good things that one can do --where there is a possibility that some temptation may come. We would have to lock avoid many good things in life to avoid all those --and maybe knock ourselves unconscious…

(not saying here one does not still seek to avoid such often…one judges prudently such things…it can be quite good to “flee temptation”.)

Certainly though one is to avoid the* near occasion* of mortal sin.

We are obliged to avoid near occasions of mortal sin (usually more the focus is on such in this sort of question).

What though is a near occasion of mortal sin?

It is not simply temptation (though let us seek to avoid temptations).

A near occasion of mortal sin is such where one would generally falls into mortal sin -one generally commits a mortal sin (or even always!)–or is what is likely to cause one to commit a particular mortal sin now. Due to the nature of thing itself or ones particular weakness.

Though there can at times be good reasons to be in them…ones confessor can guide one (necessary occasions…which one still tries to make more remote…)

I cannot advise you personally on the specifics of the question - partly cause I do not normally go there. But those are the general principles for one to apply. Ones confessor can guide one too.

Temptation, occasions of sin and near occasions are treated for what they are. Let us calmly but with due haste -avoid deliberate sins and what lead to them -especially mortal sins - and turn to the Lord.


Sin is all around us we just have to use judgement and refrain from taking part in things that may lead us to sin. We will fail and sin, from time to time, and it will break Gods heart, as well as,ours. To live a life in Christ is, indeed, challenging because we are flawed beings and not divine. All we can do is do our BEST daily to live our lives within Him; asking through prayer of supplication that His presence will be in our words, thoughts and deeds. God bless you and may God be with you always ~:signofcross:

Prayer for Holiness
Breathe in me, O Holy Spirit, that my thoughts may all be holy.
Act in me, O Holy Spirit, that my work, too, may be holy.
Draw my heart, O Holy Spirit, that I love only what is holy.
Strengthen me, O Holy Spirit, to defend all that is holy.
Guard me so, O Holy Spirit, that I may always be holy.


To me a near occasion of sin is any time we put ourselves in a situation where we might be tempted to commit sin. I don’t think it pertains to only mortal sin. Just the fact that you are wondering if suggestive ads on Youtube might make you have immoral thoughts should tell you that it is a near occasion of sin. We all know what situations to avoid and we all know which situations that if we don’t avoid could lead us into sin. So much of what you see on TV or the movies these days are occasions of sin. I don’t go to movies for that reason and if I’m watching something on TV and I can tell where it’s going, I bail out. I try real hard to avoid being tempted. :signofcross:


You can get an ad blocker if you want to avoid problems. This has the unfortunate side effect of also blocking good ads though. You have to make a choice if those are really near occasions of sin. You might just avoid YouTube altogether, though I know it is hard to do with so many websites relying on it these days. Another option is to watch the videos on another device that does not display ads. For example, I sometimes watch YouTube through the Wii U, and it never shows ads are displayed. This could be a special agreement between Nintendo and Google though. Probably depends if the device manufacturer has a licensing deal with them.


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