Near occasion of sin


Have you ever had to say farewell to someone who was a near occasion of sin? It doesn’t make it any less painful to have to say goodbye even though it is the right thing. It can get frustrating always doing the right thing even when it hurts. Secondly I get ashamed when I am too immature, petty or take things so personally to have a mature conversation about it. Maybe in the future I can. I know the only answer is to pray and do things God’s way but I am reluctant but willing because God is bigger than everything. Some days I get frustrated with always having to face my sins or I feel tired. Sure some of my friends say then do not do it because of my frustration and whining but that is foolish or wait to follow God when I am ready. Well when is that? Tomorrow is no guarantee.


The divine truth that God exists, is a proof alone that you worship the one true God.


How does that have anything to do with the OP’s post?


Well hopefully someone has had this experience


I did. After my conversion I left many of the near occasion of sin folks. I even left my job as the culture at that work site was incredibly sinful. It is difficult to change the way you live your life, especially if it is a change from prior behavior. I’m the only Catholic in my family so I’ve even had some push back from them. Behind my back they call me Sister___ ___. I just smile, living my life as an example of Christ must be having some effect :slight_smile:

It is hard, probably the hardest thing you’ll do. There are ways to start. I’m from the generation of good music, now called classic rock. It was all I listened to until I started hearing the message of the songs. I changed the station to a Christian music station. I threw out my CDs and replaced those with Catholic CDs. So now while in my car I hear positive messages in the music. I use Pandora on my phone to listen to Christian music when at home.

And yes I did have to say goodbye to the man who led me to the Catholic Church, a man I once loved and planned to marry. But when I realized loving him, being with him, having him a part of my was not bringing me closer to God, I had to make a choice. I chose God. It was painful but the right thing to do for me. Surround yourself with Christian if not Catholic friends. Now I have very few people outside my Catholic social circle (except family). It takes time and patients. You will fail and need to try again, I know I certainly did at times.

When you are ready get involved with your parish at some level. Spend some time at Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. And most importantly keep praying.


It looks like I may have to say goodbye to someone I do like. That is life right?


The pain of that is very “in our face” sometimes. But feeling is a gift to us (better than being without it and not noticing damage).


The grace of final perseverance and the chaplet of divine mercy, would, do.


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